Maple Syrup?

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  1. I'm sorry to post this question again but there doesn't seem to be much action over in Advanced Growing Techniques forum.

    Anyways, I make my own maple syrup and was curious if anyone has ever used real maple syrup as the sugar supplementation in the flowering stage of growth. I was just getting ready to experiment with unsulfered mollasses because I have heard so much good stuff about it. Then I thought about my maple syrup, you can't get any more organic than that.

    So my real question is; Has anyone ever tried using maple syrup in the flower stage of growth? If so, how much and what were the results? If not, what are your opinions on it?
  2. Have just put some black treacle on mine. They are around week six. I will let you know what happens.
  3. I never tried it myself (I use molasses), but over on Icmag some of the experienced organic growers recommend using 100% pure maple syrup if you are in a pinch, and cannot find unsulphered mollasses..

    I believe unsulphered mollasses to have a higher nutrient content then maple syrup, and for most molasses is a lot cheaper then store bought pure maple syrup, which is why more growers choose the molasses over other carbohydrate/sugar additives.

    Do a search over on icmag on maple syrup, and you'll find some of the threads i found that mentioned it, and maybe a lil more as my search wasn't thorough.

    If you try the syrup be sure to follow up with a thread and let others know how it worked out for you. Maybe you can do a maple syrup, and molasses side by side, and see if you notice any differences etc. between the two.

    I'd be curious of the ph, and tds of the water/syrup before being cooked down into syrup as well.. I only collected maple syrup once as a childl, and remembered loving the taste of the sweet-water from the tree before cooking it down into syrup.
  4. Thank you very much for the replies. Especially Mister Postman, finally a little bit of info on it.

    That's a good question about the ph and tds values of maple sap (the product that comes directly out of the tree before the boiling proccess). Next time the sap is running, not until next spring, I will have to check that and let you know what they are. You would think that the tds value might be pretty high, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Thanks again, Peace and Pot!

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