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Maple-syrup strains?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by vsengaged, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Whaddup guys! 
    Random question.. has anyone had any decent strains that taste like maple syrup!? I had some Afghan Kush and it smelled pretty maple-y but when I smoked it, it didn't taste maple-y. Disappointing.
    Anyone had any experience with some maple weed? haha
    Thanks y'all! :smoke:

  2. Chocolope
    White Widow

    These 2 strains have a unique similar sweetness flavor out of a bubbler.

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  3. BUMP
    Thanks homie! ^
  4. about 3 months ago my dealer said he had maple kush, probably a street name i though just to get kids to buy it, it was the only thing the guy had and it looked real nice so i got some. Smoked it out of my bubbler and tasted the maple for sure it was awesome. the maple taste lasted for a very long time too.  probably  one of the strains jet mentioned although i dont think it was white widow 
  5. I surprisingly have never had white widow before lol I only started smoking last year
  6. Cream Caramel from sweet seeds. One of the parents is a maple indica and all of mine had a very distinct maple flavor.
  7. SFV OG

    cinnamon like bark of an ancient redwood tree. +4.20 if sticky like syrup
  8. The strain SFV OG kinda has cinnamon maple aftertaste.

    But if you are looking for the strain Syrup, check cannabis cup strain entries on YouTube last couple years. It's there

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