Maple Syrup instead of Mollasses??

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  1. I live deep in the North East woods of the US and I happen to make my own Maple Syrup. Now I have heard all kinds of stuff about adding forms of sugar to your flowering plants, never actually tried any of them. I have thought seriously about it and decided I wanted to try it. So instead of buying something that is mass produced, trying to keep with the self sufficient idea of growing, why couldn't Maple Syrup work as the form of sugar supplementation? You can't get too much more organic than me using my own hand made Maple Syrup right?

    So my real question is Has anyone tried using Maple Syrup as their form of sugar supplementation? If so, how much was used and how did it work? If not, What are everyone's opinions on it?
  2. My understanding is that maple syrup is pretty much like water before it's boiled down and reduced many times over. If that's the case, maybe you could use it straight without reducing it.

    I dunno, but I'd be interested in hearing the results of your experiment.
  3. Am very curious about this so i'm gonna give it a bump...

    Hopefully someone has some knowledge of this or has heard of someone trying it. Maybe it is completely new though and I will have to sacrifice one of my own for an experiment. Thought I'd research a bit first before I do anything stupid though.
  4. Maple syrup might affect the flavor more than mollasses. I use botanicare's sweet (which is sugar with a bit of mag).

    Good luck!

    ..... oh an i'll take two bottles of real syrup with a few of those maple candies....Mmmmm.
  5. Right on! Real maple syrup on my ganja pancakes is absolute heaven on Sunday morning! Well I guess I'm just going to have to attempt it and see what happens. Kinda nervous though, think it might create a toxicity of some kind?
  6. How much for 2 bottles shipped... And Ganja pankcakes?? Sounds delicious! :hello:

    Sounds like a pretty sweet idea... Now if only I can find some stuff thats not granny smiths ^_^

    Edit.. Woot! Fifty posts!
  7. gl man im interested to see how they come out keep an update yes?
  8. just wondering about the maple syrup thing, what do you do? works with hydro? results? thanks =p
  9. I shall keep everyone posted for sure. I used it once all ready on a flowering Speed Queen with a light dose of my PBP nutes. I was a little nervous so I only used a teaspoon/gal. It has been only two days since I added it and so far so good. No signs of any change at all, which is very good as I will only see a good change over a period of time. The immediate change I was looking for was some sort of toxicity of some kind. Nothing yet.

    It did not affect my ph really at all, though that is a small amount to use. It may have dropped the ph 0.2 in the acidic direction, but I alwys make my ph 6.0 anyways after I add everything. I will continue increasing the amount gradually and will probablly max it out at a strong tablespoon/gal if I get to that point without any negative results. Opinions are welcome on what I should be doing with it as I have never used a sweetener of any kind.

    And yes, the ganja pancakes with my syrup are my absolute favorite food right now. I had a friend just recently show me his pancake recipe with mary j in it and I was impressed! So I make some good size batches and freeze a bunch on the pancakes to wake up to on Sundays! It has to be Sunday for me because they make me pretty damn useless for the day.

    So thanks for the replies and Peace and Pot!
  10. Oh yeah, sorry calichakra I am not reall sure about the hydro thing as I am all soil all the time!! Love the forgiveness of soil!! Odviously I wouldn't add Maple Syrup to an areo system as it would clog up the sprayers. Otherwise I really am not sure about hydro!
  11. I don't think I would want to run maple syrup threw my pump. But what is the desired effect of adding it to your nuetes anyways?
  12. I've never experimented with sugars or natural sugars or syrups, like this...

    But wouldn't it be easier to mix that syrup with a gallon of hot water and get it liquified first? Not sure about your reservoir size, and if that would affect things, but that's how I add any powder supplements.
  13. Would it work to use the straight sap out of the bucket instead of boiling it to maple syrup? If the sap has enough of the natural plant sugars in it, could it work? That's the only thing i can see being more organic than using your maple syrup.
  14. All those i could see NOT having to dilute it so much in your water... Unless your running hydro.. In which case you'd actually want to watch the build up of particles on your water pump more than anything. The syrup, and powders, will be best disolved into hot water, like anything, hot water "moves" molecularly faster than cold, and would be better dissolved into hot/warm water verseus cold, especially if using in hydro. In soil, i dont see it needing to be disolved so much as it will break down in the soil as the plant needs it.
  15. I use granular sugar. 1tbsp per gal.

    imo the maple should work fine.

    cali....the added benifit of sugars is it breaks down fast and creates benifical enzmes an microbial goods which in turn creates noticable weight gain in your buds.
    at least thats how i take it. i use sugar like i said. i learned it in alaska during the "use what ya got or wait 2 months for delivery". i ordered nutes from cali and they Froze in the pland and were no good. had to figure out new ways or pay 3OO an oz for swag....oh no
  16. I'm using pure maple syrup right now. My grow isn't quite done yet but no problems as on yet. I'm adding about 1 1/2 tablespoons per gallon. The one plant im trying it on is at 7 weeks today. I started it on week 6. I can post a pick before I harvest.
  17. molasses is used because it contains concentrations of sulfur, iron and micronutrients from the original plant not for its sugar content.I would agree that the sugars do help microbes grow if thay are already present in your soil but sugars can't create enzymes or microbes and chemical ferts tend to kill off benifical organisms quickly . so carbs are best used in organic grows where LIFE is present in the soil.
  18. I should note that yeah my plants are grown with all organic materials.

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