Maple Leaf Indica Regular

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Vee, Jan 8, 2023.

  1. [​IMG]
    I got a request for some of the above, I know very little of this Sensi strain, other than the obvious its an Afghani and regular too being male and female like old school days

    Anyone grown this out ..please post

    thanks in advance
  2. I did… years ago.
    At the time I remember thinking it was good, but not a standout. I was growing lots of Nirvana gear back then too. I had Master Kush and Bubblicious too, which I really liked and the ML kinda fell to the wayside.
    Most likely I went with feminized back then too
  3. Bubblicious, ...I can relate ,some nice gear you mentioned their
    strangely the only 'grand' Afghani I have in my kit is KC Brains? -'Afghani Special' I've not grown for years
    as it blocks up my pipe/bongs within the first 3--4 puffs

    I'll hold off ordering any Maple until I know more
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  4. Ironically, I just popped the last of those Nirvana Bubblicious fem seeds. I was feeling nostalgic, we will see if it holds up to today’s standard. :thumbsup:
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