Map of marijuana use in the US

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  1. [​IMG]

    Think this is right?
  2. no, I don't believe it at all, for one look at NY lol :p
  3. I dont think sourthern wisconsin would have more than Chicago....

    interesting tho if it is accurate...
  4. I doubt that is accurate no way they can get the appropriate info to prove that... I mean if all the weed is coming through Texas you think we aint smoking it too?
  5. LOL....alaska is bright red
  6. accurate on a big scale (west coast vs bible belt) but not truely accurate.
  7. Haha... i love Colorado... and emacmoe, maybe its because texas has stricter laws?
  8. I wanna see an accurate one for Canada!!
  9. I wont disagree that the laws are strict but... its not arrests .. its usage... I mean I know people of all kind all over Texas... but I mean damn.. Just one slightly red area... you think people are just letting weed pass cuz its coming from Mexico.. maybe it could be accurate for dro or something but weed in general.. no way.. I dont even know half the states on that map. I just found out where illinois was like 3 days ago... and now I cant find it
  10. Its by percent not total number of smokers and there are lots of people in the big cities that dont smoke.
  11. look at alaska. how would they get that much weed?
  12. you can grow it there legally
  13. I had a buddy went to alaska he says everyone chiefs cuz its legal to have a few zones and everything is homegrown nothin but great bud up there no dirt... besides screw this map I was in highschool when it came out ...I've dropped out out of college twice and on my way to a third time since then..
  14. it says those are the people that reported

    evreywhere else they just forgot becasue there where high
  15. Not everyone going to admit of their marijuana usage...
  16. Wow I think my area has A LOT of users compared to how many people actually live here.
  17. I believe that, in reality, the entire map would be red. Not everyone who smokes will admit to it, even in a confidential poll. :)

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