Map of best spots to grow in the US?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Color Hug, May 23, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had a map of the USA showing the best outdoor areas to grow OR what the best humidity/temps are to grow outside and I'll figure it out myself. :)

    Thanks! :hello:
  2. Near/Around the Rockies maybe? Anywhere close to the border of Canada :rolleyes:

    In all seriousness, I dont see why your area wouldnt be ideal. Techinically theres only bad spots to grow, which IMO are New Mexico, Arizona, and Seattle....
  3. Hehe. I'll be moving to PA very soon. The area looks really green with forrests. I thought maybe I could sneak 2 plants somewhere and follow the stickied guide.
  4. i haven't taken any plants to completion yet but i have had great success thus far in the rockies area
  5. An oxymoron????
  6. Try looking at a weather web site....check things like plant harness zones.... do some reading.....Also, its all about the micro climate systems for that area .... this is only something you can expereience by way of experience.

    Ane remember if the land is harsh = meaning mountain peaks, thorn bushes...anything that makes you think i dont want to grow there...thats the best place...because thats what the ripper will say ... got me .....keep all that in mind.

    Peace and pot
  7. ahh someone near me...where at in pa??....and believe me it grows fine out here....just be carefull of cops and shit
  8. pa works just fine
  9. ye PA is a pretty good place to grow ive had much success....where yalll from in PA.......
  10. ok...umm id be in the carlisle "area".......u guys...and i say carlisle area...cuzzz i dont want to be arrested and put in cuffs and then rapped by a fat black man named bubbles.....
  11. I've never completed a grow here in western PA (Pittsburgh) on my own. I have seen plants grown here just fine though. The weather in the summer is actually pretty ideal with high temperature, high humidity, and consistent but not overly much rain. Deer are a problem as in most places, and PA state laws are absolutely ridiculous, but as far as weather goes it is decent, at least in my area.
  12. I planted mine in a high density deer zone, i hope those stoner deers dont eat my plants when they really start growing.

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