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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RippedRhino, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. hey guys

    I want to start growing, and see if i can make any thing of it.And i need some help.

    I plan on growing out of a 14 inch long, 10 inch wide, 7 inch deep rubber maid box.Im going to run a 40 wat lamp into it. I have 3 seeds i know are good and some others that are really black(bad things?)I have read a good portion of Sid's guide and i have a lot of questions.I can get all items needed to grow but good soil ,any ideas?

    --Can i grow plants that will be able to take the little hight i have.
    --Can i run the 40 wat bulb the whole life span of my plants? And can it only be left on for 12 hours or the whole 24
    --Im going to be using party cups for my pots , how much dirt do i need a peace?
    -- Is it a bad thing if all the inner walls are coverd with tin foil except the base?
    --I will have little to no ventilation what can i do to compinsate for this?

    Thanks for the help ill post any thing i forgot later need to get some sleep.(I just wrote this out for the second time wouldnt make my post the first time...........long story)
  2. o.k. if you've read the guide, you'll need to keep reading, and then read it again, before going near soil, and lights.....

    1 seed per pot, use something bigger than a party cup, if you have no funds, use a 2litre coke bottle cut in half.......

    40 watts will not be enough light to grow a plant from stsrt to finish.......and it needs to be one of the following types, fluros, MH(metal halide) or HPS(high pressure sodium) i recommend the HPS

    these lights can be purchased from places like home depot, or lowes if your American, and CEF or any wholesale electrical shop if your in the U.K..........or better still a hydro store, look in the yellow pages, or however you get a number in the states.......

    if you plan on having a dedicated grow room/box, ventilation is essential, not only for good air exchange, but also to reduce the temp of the room as the HPS will make it more hot than usual

    foil is fine, just make sure it's dull side facing the plant......or you could just paint the growroom white, like mine.......

    keep reading, and don't give up.......good luck.....

    oh yeah the soil, sunshine mix if your in Ameroica, and John innes/miricle grow mix, if your in the U.K.

    Peace out.............Sid

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