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  1. I have acquired a large quantity of manure for my plants. I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience using manure on their plants and if there are any tips you could give me. How much to feed them, how long between feedings.

    Are there any benefits?

    BTW these are my babies (Dinafem Blue Widow x 3):

    the third plant is somewhere else.

  2. thy look real nice. Manure is good. I mix it in the soil like 20%. You can also use itr as topping but IDK how much. Greenmeany ses a whole lot as topping, you can see his thread. Manure has nitrogen so is for veg if it's not already in your soil.

  3. Thanks for the reply where is greenmeanys thread :)
  4. outdoor grow journals!
  5. my soil has poop in it already premixed.
    so i dont use manure.
    but from what i hear. if its cow shit or somthing. its very easy to burn your plants with it.
  6. It should be composted but yes be careful when adding it on top. In the mix, I think you can mix up to 30%. I usually add 10 and 20 castings.
  7. Here's my mix ratio-
    33% composted goat manure
    33% fox farm ocean forest
    33% top soil.

    Also used water polymers to reduce watering. No burning at all, pretty sure the goat manure is straight rocket fuel for the plants. Went from 1 foot to 5.5 feet in 1 month!!!!
  8. I've had success scooping up a little horse shit and mixing it with plain water. Nice source of nitrogen.
  9. Like running into the road with a bucket and spade?? LOL
  10. I mix 25% composted cow manure from an organic dairy with 50% natural soil and 25% organic soil amendment. At the bottom of my 3' holes I put a 3" thick mixture of 50% of the same cow manure ($15 for a 1/2T pickup bed load) and 50% natural soil.

    If you intend to go organic be cautious about the manure you use as most dairy and cattle operations use a lot of chemicals in their feed to stimulate milk production and beef growth.

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  11. Hey madodah, those are gonna be beasts!! +rep
  12. A local strain grown organically for over 20-years. I germinate from seed in dirt and grow in dirt. I'm still trying for a four pounder but our last average frost date is 04-29 (with guaranteed storms in May) and there are too many incidents of early flowering when people using this strain try and get an early start.
  13. Lucky you. I´m still trying for a TWO pounder !! But I have to grow in pots.
  14. Pots, regardless of their size, do have restrictions. From what I've read of your posts you know what you're doing so if it can be done you'll get two pounders.
  15. Make nutrient water.

    Take milk jugs (4 gallon I beleive) and put about an inch of manure in the bottom then fill them with water. Its best to let them sit, longer is better, but you can put it on any time. Shake it around once and a while, your plants will love it. :D

  16. I best get my tape measure out for the manure. :hello:

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