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  1. I wish I could find the other cord to my scanner and show you guys a couple of pic's. I'm so excited about my plants. They are getting too big for their pots. So today is re-pot day.

    Before I cruise down to the shop to pick up some bigger pots, soil etc can anyone suggest what would be the best manure to use. Does it make a difference if it's chook shit or cow or whatever?

    My plants are outdoors and about 8weeks old.
  2. I bought humus manure. It doesn't smell and retains moisture very well. As long as the manure isn't hot (fresh) then it should be alright.
  3. I lended up getting a multi-mix with humus. Well that's what it said on the pack! The plants are happy in their new pots loaded with manure. All going well still.

    Trimmed one plant down. I know, I know don't cut the shade leaves cause the plant uses it for nutruients when flowering. But this plant was just growing massive useless leaves. It seem to be putting all it's energy into them.

    Two days later, I'm happy with my decision. The branches that I didn't snip have taken off. They have more room and more sun, hopefully more buds if it doesn't grow balls. I've already moved it away from my other plant. Just incase!!

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