Manual or Automatic?

Discussion in 'General' started by skurfy007, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I prefer manual over auto for the following reasons

    More Hands on in control of the car and its power

    more fun, gives you something to do

    better mpg

    prevents certain people from wanting to drive my car :D

    only con i have thought of would be road head

    Hold on gotta shift,.....ahhh thats the spot.....fuck have to shift again lol
  2.'s easier
  3. My car is a mixture of the two. It's an automatic, but in order to stop you have to manual shift the car into second, then into first, then to neutral, reverse, and quickly to park.

    I would honestly prefer a horse driven buggy.
  4. Word... manual till the day I die.
  5. Where's the "none of the above I use mind-control' option?

  6. great now everyone knows about project x
  7. Manual for me, really.

    Something about shiftin through the gears... Makes me feel all happy and whatnot. More in tune with the car I guess :)
  8. I got a mustang cobra.... Dont even ask for an automatic....cuz they only come with a manual..and oh I how I love the torque..
  9. Fucking kidding me????

    I've always wanted a manual... But I've always gotten stuck with the automatic....

    Oh well, can't complain.. It's 4 wheels and an engine ya know :D
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    Depends on the car, for the most part I take manual.

    If I were to take a truck or a nice cruising car, I'd take auto.

    My car only comes in stick also :D
  11. shiftin with one hand blunt in the otha!
  12. Automatics are for girly men and terrorists!
  13. manual for sure. more control.
  14. You guys are killing me. :p

    Manual all the way, it's what I learned on.
  15. i like my automatic.. i have to much other shit to do while i drive w/o having to worry about shifting :rolleyes:
  16. manual for life
  17. a) u can do other things and b)its harder to fuck up ur car. 2 reasons why id like to get really good at stick: a)real awesome sports cars aren't sports cars unless theyre stick and b)better gas mileage.
  18. i can be a ditzy stoner. ive been taught how to drive stick but when it comes time to do it again its like the hard drive has been cleared... maybe if i had to do it everyday. but i was spoiled and learned on an automatic. and btw thought u could only do other shit after u were in 5th gear or whatever.. and better gas milage?
  19. manuals do get better gar mileage. when your driving you can just throw it in a higher gear, say 5th gear in a 45, not really necessary but that will reduce the rpm's your car is at for that speed therefore reducing the amount of gas flowing through. and when you all of asudden hit the gas in an auto while cruising it will downshift and raise the rpms when in a standard you could just stay in teh same gear.
  20. another great thing about manuals is the extra stopping power

    and the way it sounds on the downshift is extra sexy when you have a nice pipe

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