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  1. I had a couple autos not going into flower so I gave them 48 hours dark and then switched to 12/12. It looks like they are starting to flower now after 5 or so days so my question is do I have to keep them on a 12/12 schedule now or can I go back to a 20/4 schedule??

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  2. Is there any chance the seeds were mislabeled? Auto's can be run 24/0 light and still start to flower at around 35 days from germination. If you needed to change your light schedule to initiate flower you likely have a photo-period not an auto-flower. I'd stick with your 12/12 schedule if that's the case.
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  3. No these were autos for sure. I've already grown from this same pack 2 times before this, these were the last 2 seeds from the pack. Kinda weird they both didn't start flowering though. They're monsters now and this strain already yields me 4-5 Oz's a plant normally. Bubba Trouble by Magic seeds
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  4. Run them 12/12 I had a auto that did the samething came from the same auto seed bag sometimes you get a plant that will have more photo genes than others this happens

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  5. Here's some auto's I did a few years ago first run for them and I did 12/12 for the grow. Screenshot_20230427-065730.png
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  6. Maybe I'll try running them on a 13/11 schedule to get a little extra light on em.
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  7. You will not lose much yield 12/12 vs 18 with an auto if any . Its just the veg phase 24 or 18 .
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