Manual Dexterity Refinement

Discussion in 'General' started by ClassySmoker, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to improve my finger/hand dexterity, as many activities I enjoy could be improved through this, and perhaps some new activities could be approached. For instance, the following activities all require dexterity - instruments of all kinds, lockpicking, rolling joints/blunts, baton/staff twirling, breaking down pot efficiently without a grinder, etc.

    I've done some minor research on Google, but it's mostly either baby dexterity development, or dental school threads (Which did harbor some useful information). So naturally I turn to my fellow stoners to help me think of some clever and creative ways to improve dexterity.
    One method that I've heard of but not tried yet would be spinning Baoding balls, if anyone has tried these, do share your experiences, please.
  2. For me definitely guitar, takes some getting used to though.
    video games to some degree, typing
    giving massages... foreplay etc ;)
    sometimes I twirl pencils in my hands
  3. Yeah, I play piano which helps a lot, and happily give massages. But I wouldn't call massaging so much an exercise to build it, but rather as something to demonstrate your mastery of dexterity. The more dexterous you are, the better massages you give, right?

    The pencil twirling sounds like it'd be a great exercise, though. Any special way, or you just move it between your fingers?
  4. I just do it like index to pinky then back to index or back up reverse. there's a surprising amount of stuff about it online haha
  5. Less yappin' more fappin'.

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