Manson Follower Susan Atkins dies in prison

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  1. Manson Follower Susan Atkins Dies in Prison - LAist

    She was recently denied parole again for the last time. Can't say that I'm sad or upset at all...Personally I think that it's too bad that the Family's execution orders were all overturned when Capital Punishment was revoked in California.
  2. Finally. Fuck. Sick people. I'm all for free love and doing acid, but they took it a liiiiiittle too far.
  3. Hitler was worse.
  4. You could look at it that way, yes.
  5. im with you bro, they are all sick
  6. You can always say that something was worse, but we're not talking about one of Hitler's minions dying, we're talking about one of the Manson family.

    But yes, Hitler was worse.
  7. Yes, millions of people murdered is much worse than however many Manson was responsible for. That being said, Hitler committed suicide before EVERYONE on this message board was born (unless you're older than 64, in which case, well, you're in the minority here and more power to you).

    Let's stay relevant shall we? The shit Manson pulled was still in the news when I was a child...and I remember Helter Skelter and the trial...
  8. Good

    Fucking crazy people.

  9. Was just getting Godwin's Law out of the way.
  10. This is a song about her

    [ame=]YouTube - Sadie - Alkaline Trio (with lyrics)[/ame]
  11. I just did some significant LOLing
  12. I seriously hope you're joking
  13. There was a thread one time where a dude legitimately tried to argue that it was a conspiracy and that Manson had never formally been charged with a crime

    Bon appetit
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    I was so thank you for the -neg rep

    Watch it with the name-calling... -JD
  15. Stalin<Hitler<Manson Chick

  16. Reported.
  17. You are such a nice guy:rolleyes:
  18. :rolleyes:

    She didn't deserve to die in a better setting.

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