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    So, how many of you on Grasscity manscape? Just had a terrible experience, myself. I was just minding my own business, trimming the lawn, and shaving it down. So I was having trouble with one area and tried the infamous upward stroke... from this point on, the downfall of the world began. The earth collapsed inward on itself, as I stared in utter shock at the mistake I had just made... I would remember this day for years, to pass on to my children. The sheer power of that upward stroke ripped those blades straight on out, and left a nice sized cut behind.

    How can I handle these areas that are harder to shave down without using the upward stroke and getting multiple cuts? Serious issue guys, I've been trying to figure this out for like two years now. :cool:
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  2. Get yourself an electric shaver with the beard trimmer built in. Gets it down low so you can come get the rest with the close shave
  3. Figure out how to do the upward stroke properly.
  4. I just trimmed down with scissors, and then shaved from there. Wouldn't that be initially the same thing?
    Teach me the secrets of the upward stroke?
  5. It's not the same. An electric trimmer can get a lot closer than scissors ever could hope to touch, and at a more even cut, which is infinitely more important.

    As for the upward stroke, all I can say about it is to practice on your face. I haven't manscaped in years, so I have no idea about "techniques," but I imagine it's nothing more than an issue with positioning and the aforementioned varying hair lengths mentioned earlier in my post.
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