Manny the douche gets traded

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Mike..., Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Ehh.....he was a bum anyway. Goddamnit :mad:

    Discuss, if you want to.
  2. bo sox aint makin it to the playoffs without manny, i bet the yanks and rays are goin nuts!
  3. Go Rays! :hello:.. and I dont even like baseball that much. lol.
  4. the Giants are going all the way wether they do or not. idc if they suck or not they're better than any team EVER!!! WOOT for the giants!!!

    oh yeah fuck the dodgers. they suck donkey nuts
  5. Joe Torre and Manny on the same team? Didn't see that coming a few years ago.
  6. i miss wayne gretzky. getting in fights was so much fun... im going to go dig out my 64.

    oh and i think theres a sports section to the forum, ive never been though
  7. I've been a Red Sox fan all my life, but it was really time for Manny to go.
  8. Yeah, I don't know if anyone who actually follows Boston baseball is too upset. I used to give Manny a free pass for his weird behavior, but when I saw him rolling around in the field after missing that fly ball a few weeks Let him go, it's not like we don't have offense.
  9. Manny is tearin up LA....must be the dreads in the heat!!!
  10. Manny Ramirez, although a talented baseball player, another classic example of a spoiled overpaid athlete. what an eff'g crybaby. good riddence. "if I dont get my way, ill hit the highway." sox ' "dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out asshole".

    whether the sox make the playoffs or not, I bet his former team mates dont miss him.
  11. Did he cut his hair yet? Torre doesnt like that shit.

  12. pitching will decide whether or not the sox make the playoffs, not manny.
    The sox will probably make it only because the yankees can't pitch at all this year.
  13. I aint complaining...

    GO DODGERS!:hello:

  14. Hah...I see you guys got your first taste of Manny being Manny
  15. Hes doing better...Dodgers got a better chance then the Sox do thats for sure.

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