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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bahookahjoe18, Sep 24, 2013.

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    edit: I originally typed this up pretty hastily, so I went back and clarified what I originally wanted to convey. 

    My words are only as true as you believe them to be.

    Hi Blades,

    It's been a while since I started a thread that I really wanted to be involved with, but here's the next one:


    The basic premise is, your thoughts come true.  Thinking about getting money will get you money. Thinking about losing it will lose it.  It's simple.  The things you think about you will subconsciously start bringing into development.   

    It's karma.
    It's "the law of attraction"
    It's a lot of things.

    It's popularly described in The Secret, the documentary-esque film by Abraham Hicks.

    Terence McKenna described it in Alien Dreamtime when the "machine elves" and he create objects with their voices.

    Words become objects.
    Thoughts become objects.

    There's a lot to it, but not a lot you need to know if you want to just utilize it. 

    Just think about good things that you want and they will come.

    Ask and you will receive.

    I've been really applying this to my life.  I'm all about manifesting now, and it is a really fantastic thing.

    I'm kind of in a hurry, so I'll start with my most recent manifestation, which is one of my most favorite yet and most immediate:

    This past Friday  I was talking to a coworker about jobs we would like to have. I mentioned that landscaping is my preferred work, but that it seems hard to work landscaping in LA because of the large population of Mexican landscapers.  
    That same Friday night, after I played on Hollywood Blvd for a while, this guy said to me "Are you finished playing? I've seen you around a bit; you're pretty good."

    I said something like, "Hey, thanks," and tried to be on my way, 

    but then he continued, 

    "I don't know if you're looking for work or anything, but I own a landscaping company. Here's my card."

    Today was my first day of work.  Kick ass new job.

    Love ya Blades!

  2. I've been looking for some people to help me get started on hacking and today actually two kids were sitting by me and they were talking about hacking into computer, networking almost like they knew I was a hacker or something, but I was just too much of a  pussy and didn't ask them for anything, I'm dumb I know.
    first response wins hahaha
  4. I don't believe manifestations from the secret work.
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    I do.


    That was a hasty response.

    I do and I don't believe in manifestations, but in the same way that I do and don't believe in my own existence.  I question everything constantly, but choose things to put more faith in than others.  Those things I pick are those that I feel give me a more satisfying way of life and that cause no bad for anyone.

    So I decide to accept these great coincidental happenings as manifestations.

    Wait till I type my full tale....
  6. staying positive will get you far. thats all you gotta do
  7. ^ I agree. I think if you put out good energy, you'll get the same thing back.
  8. But the world without rain is a desert.
  9. Coincidence? I think not!
    Congrats dude. 
  10. Having a positive outlook on life will get you far, but The Secret is bullshit.
  11. So is this that law of attraction thing that they have some documentary-esque video with all these successful people attesting to it?
  12. funny because i took a nap earlier today and I had a dream. and in the dream i was thinking "I could use a bottle of alcohol right now" and a random dude in my dream came up to me with a bag with chasers and a bottle of vodka or rum idk it was clear and he's like "i can't finish this dude" and he gave me some. Then later on in the dream i told someone "i asked of something and i got it!!!"
  13. How does a ***** manifest some bread in his pockets?
    Dreams work like that. Whatever you think is going to happen, does. It's a little more complicated in waking life...
    yeah... i was just saying.... 
  16. I've never really tried willfully manifesting, but there are times when things are about to happen, and I feel them before hand . Like future "feeling" or anticipative mind/body reading.
    For example today;
    My Environments of the ... (my locale) teacher always brings in a ton of random plants and animals that she picks up on the way to college to pass around during class. 
    Today she brought in a piece of guava bush, and it had exactly one ripe guava on it.  How that guava managed to make the rounds without going missing, idk.
    But at the end of class i had a really strong feeling she was going to give it to me. She then announced that she was giving it to me because i was the most interactive person for the day. Previous to this she told us don't eat the guava because she has something planned for it (we just assumed she was going to eat it herself).

    @OP are you that bug guy?
  17. That's the premise.  It's just karma. 

    I want to make clear that I only use the term "The Secret" because that's the pop culture understanding of what I'm talking about.  I've been practicing this long before I heard about "The Secret" with Abraham Hicks.  I mentioned "The Secret" because when I have tried to talk to other people about manifesting they normally go, "Oh, you mean 'The Secret.'"


    I mean karma, and I mean a lot of other things that no one may ever fully understand.

    In my understanding of what I'm doing, it is based around the ideas of solipsism, ideas about being a piece of and simultaneously the entirety of "it/the source/God/da universe/whatever", and thus being in control of existence,

    there are probably detailed theories about all of this stuff I have only thought about a lot and never looked deeper into because

    The way I look at the world is:
    I can't be sure about anything.
    No one should be,
    but they can be.
    But it is impractical to never believe in anything,
    because then nothing would get done,
    and I'm not big on nihilism;
    so, I "choose" (maybe) to route my mind
    following these various ideas/beliefs/theories that I find to be...

    I don't like the vague term, but it's difficult to clarify.

    I want my actions to harm nothing.
    I want my actions to be benevolent to everything.

    and then from those two basic criteria I branch off into more personal views on certain subjects (economics, politics, culture, everything else) that I incorporate into my worldview. 

    So basically I want to be "Good."

    Happy, nice, positive, creative, other things that I don't need to describe.

    wow where was I going with all this...?

    oh, so...

    I like to believe that coincidence doesn't exist, and that Karma is a large ruling force in my universe, and that I can manifest objects and events through thinking about them.

    That about wraps that up...

    Thanks brother/sister
    The law of attraction thing is part of what I really am talking about. 

    When I finally watched The Secret, that documentary-esque video, it put into words abstract ideas that I had been developing independently. 

    I'm not claiming to have like, discovered a trick or anything.  It's just like a realization.  It seems apparent, and it has been talked about in many philosophies and sciences before "The Secret" started popularizing it. 
    Think about getting bread in your pockets. 
    Focus on it.
    Write it down.
    Draw it.
    Visualize it.
    And you will get bread in your pockets.

    Time for a manifesting story.
    I walk a lot.  Well, I bicycle more now, but about a month ago I walked and bussed wherever I went. 

    Money was on my mind because, you know, it's money

    but anyway, I was thinking about how nice and satisfactory it would be to just Find/Be Given a Wad of Money. 

    For this whole week about a month ago
    "had a feeling"
    (? best way I know to say it)
    that I was going to Find/Be Given a Wad of Money.

    And you know, it's LA, so you can find any crazy thing on the street.

    But, wads of money?

    I look down a lot, because I happen to find cool things a lot.

    So as per usual, I'm walking along, visually scanning the sidewalk for objects of interest, and thinking about "it would be so nice/cool/rewarding/satisfactory to Find a Wad of Money.

    I crossed the street, and on the corner was a nice looking shirt.  It was just my style.  I kind of gingerly picked it up, and when I saw that it wasn't covered in shit or anything, I checked it out.  It was my size, the colors I like, pretty sharp looking.  I checked the pockets


    Truth be told, I wasn't that taken aback because I've been manifesting things so actively lately, it almost seemed natural, like "Oh, well, had a feeling that was gonna happen".

    It was seven $1s and a $5, which is an excellent amount of money to get for no labor.


    That's the shirt.

    The shoes are another story.

    Man that's a really cool story.  Thanks for sharing. 

    I think a little tip for actively manifesting things is to make yourself "have feelings" about things. 
    If you can convince yourself that you "have a feeling" that something is going to happen,
    I think it stands a much better chance of happening.

    To answer your question, I'll quote a poem:

    "every night i shed my skin,
    lay it underneath my head,
    sleep restlessly upon my sins,
    and dream about what could have been.

    every morning i'm born again,
    new skin sewn from tattered threads,
    mind purged of remembrances,
    so i remain impermanent.

    i do not exist.
    i am just a myth."

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    Such wise words that I initially overlooked!
    Thank you.

    There is a season, turn turn turn.

    We all do bad things...
    We all get bad karma that we gotta learn lessons from.


    Even saintly people have done bad in past lives that they gotta learn lessons from.

    Every trial and tribulation-every event in life-
    is a chance to improve.
    Every moment is a test to see how good you do.

    There are better ways than others to react to bad situations; good and bad ways to take the rain.

    A personal example of very fast karmic returns:

    wow in typing that intro I realized a whole other aspect of this story...

    So, normally I'm a very nice person.
    Very quiet dude; don't say a lot.
    When I do, I try to make sure it's "good".
    Funny, encouraging, educating, helpful, or otherwise useful...

    It is a very rare thing for me to speak a bad word against someone. 

    I have this ex-girlfriend who has this brother, who one day, eight months after her and I had peacefully broken up, jumped out of a car and wanted to fight me on my way home.  I hate fighting.  I liked this dude.  I told him I didn't have any beef and didn't want to fight.

    I'm still not sure why he was so mad.

    But uh, anyway, the small conflict ended with my left knee being injured.

    Me and the ex had been friendly up until that point, but I said, "Your idiot brother just jumped me outside of Go-Mart"
    and she really let me have it and said a lot of bad things to me that I totally didn't expect.

    And that was the last time we had talked up until a month or so ago when she sent me a friend request on facebook.
    I accepted and thought that she'd chat with me, you know, clear the waters after the last bit.
    But she did nothing.

    I always try to be positive, and having her on facebook was kind of inhibiting that because I was seeing posts of hers with her brother tagged in them and stuff, and it would just remind me of him messing my knee up and just the whole weird situation.

    And I only like my facebook friends to be people I'm friends with.
    So I sent her a message saying pretty much exactly what I just typed here.  Basically like, "Hey, did you add me to talk? No? Okay, seeing your posts brings me down, and I keep my facebook friends my friends."

    and she once again said bad things to me; not so bad as the last, but she said, "Well, I was GOING to ask how you're doing [she had added me a week previous] but if you're going to be a DICK then (some equivalent of FUCK YOU)"

    Oh, Blades, and I slipped up.
    I acted out of bad feelings and replied
    "Okay, bitch."


    Later that night I was crossing the street, carrying a gig bag that she had given to me for christmas years ago, and the bottom of the gig bag ripped open and my guitar fell out in the middle of Sunset Boulevard.

    banged it up a bit.  probably fucked with the intonation.

    then the next day my bus pass card wasn't where I normally keep it, which is my wallet, and so I had to pay an extra $1 for the bus for the day for a new card..

    And $1 can really mean a lot sometimes.

    Be good.
  19. I like your thought process, you come across as a very interesting person to me.
    I too am typically a quiet person, always making observations about what some consider the most minute of details.  Often I'll point something out to someone that wasn't blatent to them for a few minutes but was blatent to me the moment we walked into a room.  Sitting in silence and thinking about things critically is more effective for me than bouncing ideas off of other people, partially because my brain needs everything to have tight interwoven connections before I can affirm it as truth.
    My mom was always a steadfast believer of the power of the secret, she saw the video and it really resonated with her and she tried to instill those beliefs into me, to show me how it can be applied to life and how she believed it really worked.  Since I was young and skeptical about a lot more things than I am now, I didn't believe it.  I was the kind of person that needed to see it or touch it to believe it, or at least see how it caused something else to happen so there was evidence of it's power.  My skepticim caused my brain work a certain way, it caused me to select evidence in everyday circumstances that supported my skepticism,  further proving to me that the secret was just bullshit.  I only saw this though because I was doing it the wrong way.  
    I wanted to live a good life though, in terms of what that means to me, as well as be successful.  I observed people's lifestyles and how that brought rise to their success and started looking for patterns.  I knew that if I saw how other people did it I could do it too, everyone is capable of doing anything or even more that another human before them has done.  I saw a trend of personal happiness, doing something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled rather than living a life for someone else, or living a life pushing through the days to get to the weekend.  This happiness caused people to devote themselves fully to what they were doing, and it showed that inspiration can come out of thin air but only if you are focusing hard enough to find it.  I needed to make myself happy but first I had to find out what happiness for me was.  I saw how complicated not only I but everyone made life.  Having to get wasted all the time or have so many friends or make so much money were just things that may initially seem like they bring happiness but really they just caused me to be more trapped within myself, my personal happiness came from self analyzing my relation to nature and the world around me.  I admired that I am not really a human but an animal amongst all other animals that deserve the same respect as our species, I didn't ignore things that bothered me and pushed them to the back of my head, I faced them head on and they didn't come back, I was clearing the set so happiness could take center stage.   
    Much like you said I needed to believe it out of nothing, I needed to convince myself of something that I didn't understand in order to understand it.  I needed to focus my brain into looking for evidence that it didn't think existed so it would start finding it.  For me it wasn't so much as applying the principles of the secret but of the law of attraction, and I saw that it worked.  I realized that when I stopped trying to be someone I wasn't and started to be just myself, I attracted people towards me who were actually like me instead of people who I was acting like I was.  I've also had instances where I've found money on the ground thinking about how much I would like to find some money and then it just happens, contrarily I've had instances where I've worried about not having enough money or losing money and occasionally the money ends up going missing because I pulled it out of my pocket by accident or left it somewhere or whatever.  
    I don't know how much I believe in karma because it opens up the door to subjective interpretation.  What one person thinks is good and bad differs from what another thinks, thus people would be able to justify anything if they were good enough liars to convince themselves one way or the other.  I do believe in karma in relation to conscience though, if that makes any sense.  I believe that if people do things that they personally feel or think are good or bad, even regardless if it's good or bad to them, they're going to attract similar situations to themselves.   
    I do have instances where I'm not myself, where I act totally apart from myself due to emotion, which is a folly of being a human, we're emotionally influenced creatures.  Sometimes I don't always realize right away either, sometimes it takes some time for me to step outside myself and look at who I am and what I want to become.  I'm as open to change as possible, because it helps keep my life from stagnating.  It prevents me from getting myself in a situation that I feel like I'm stuck and there's no way out, because the only way that happens is if someone acts on behalf on someone that's not themselves.  If one is always themself they can never get stuck, they can just pick up everything and change; it's not easy but its not impossible.
    Sorry for rambling, I just felt like I had to get some of these thoughts out to complete this post and give some background about myself.  It feels good being able to relate to someone else's behavior, and to take in a perspective that's similar yet different to your own.  Never close your mind off to anything so that you can never stop thinking about everything is what I always say.  
  20. I'm pretty skeptical of "Karma" 
    I would like to see some controlled tests then would be satisfied.
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