Manifest destiny

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  1. I live in Latin America, and this two words are the cause of all the deep hate many people hold for the US. I mean at school I was taught about that as if Uncle Sam was the devil himself.
    What are your opinions about this? Do you think Manifest destiny is wright? Is it taught as something good or as something bad?
  2. It wouldn't fly today, but that's how things went back then

    Countries all over the world struggled over borders

    I wasn't specifically taught that it was good or bad, just that it happened
  3. American government doesn't care what society wants or believes. They introduce legislature, while the media segregates us based on our beliefs and ethnicity. After we expanded across North America we should have worked on democracy here in our own nation. Instead we're separated and split into many wars, conflicts, and engagements where we can't focus on any sort of understanding, lost and overwhelmed we defend our personal beliefs while the government intervenes in the name of 'freedom'.
  4. Slap a new name on it and it would fly. Hows about "spreading democracy"?
  5. Well that's fine but we're not exactly annexing Iraq or Afghanistan, it's different
  6. You've got a point but nobody will believe that.
    In fact most people associate america not with democracy but with imperialism (mostly thanks to Chavez :mad: )
  7. Hehe... To funny, after reading all this, i realized yall werent discussing eminent domain. AK47 sample i picked today is aaaalright :)

    SKY DOG was on point. Twas a barbaric time
  8. Yea, it's more covert now-a-days.

  9. You wouldn't have been taught this if we weren't invading Latin America since 1890. Since then we invaded Latin America 54 times. In my opinion we shouldn't have invaded them once. No Manifest Destiny isn't right at all. Non-interventionism is the way to go.
  10. non-interventionism....but give them aid($$$) right

  11. Nope, I'm 100% against foreign aid. Leave each to their own. But we can openly trade with any country and such. Just no entangling alliances. Don't get my ideology mixed up with isolationism.
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    Id love to see this happening, then all the countries that bitch that we are invaders and that we only intend to imperialize will be left begging for help :) While we wave and say goodbye.

    Manifest destiny was Americas way of justifying their claims on land that was WAAAY to easy to take. " hey all this land is here, there is like nobody living on it anywhere!!! HOLY SHIT!!! We can take this, claim it, and nobody is even there to stop us!! What do we call this ??? Manifest destiny! "

  13. No, they eventually fix their problems without us meddling making things worse. They end up looking up to us and our success and we are the envy of the world!:hello:
  14. Eventually being the key word!!!
  15. Manifest destiny WAS the devil, I don't think there's any other way to look at it... unless you were a WASP patriot or something, you would of been considered at best irrelevant to God's supposed grand vision for the United White States Of America and at worst a hindrance, to be disposed of efficiently. Not only did this vile imperialist mindset afflict those of Latin America through repeated US invasions and land-grabs, but it led to the extermination or 'civilisation'/cultural genocide of fairly well any Indian tribe that was on land that America was 'destined' to own. Offering bullshit treaties that Indians could not understand because the concept of land-ownership is totally different (whites believe land can be bought and sold, Indians believed that land, like water or air, was essential to everybody and thus belonged equally to everybody in the tribe - and by the time they found out that they were giving up their land for good to the whites, the treaty was signed...) or simply driving them off the land/crushing any effort at resistance, the white invaders just kept coming... and coming... and coming, propelled, of course, by 'destiny'. At least my own people, the Comanche, gave them back a hell of a fight before being beaten into submission...

    Also, I hate to invoke Godwins Law here... but wasn't manifest destiny one of the major influences (if not THE main influence) on the Nazi German doctrine of Lebenstraum? This is what we were taught in school, along with other US policies having enormous influence on Nazi ideology (eugenics etc)... I believe Hitler himself even wrote about manifest destiny, heaping praise upon it, though I could be mistaken...
  16. ummm... there were plenty of people living on the land you say was empty. Millions of people were wiped out by manifest destiny Entire tribes became extinct. Manifest Destiny from a Native perspective was institutionalized genocide.

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