Manicuring buds prechop?

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  1. To do or not to do? That is my question.
    How many of yall manicure your buds while still on the plant?
    I had some light stress and deficiencies on this last run, and for shits and giggles trimmed off all the damaged fans and sugars yesterday (on a few buds). When I checked this morning during lights out, there was visibly more trichs present.
    The buds are close to being ready, and I'm debating on manicuring all of this plant 2-3 days prior to giving her the axe.
    What are yalls opinions/experiences? Think the stress of the trim is causing additional trich production?

    To clarify, this plant is not my highest quality, nor was I happy with its growth on this run, so I have no problem experimenting with it. I have another 2-3 weeks from being ready that is fire. 20190705_084905.jpg
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  2. Its all personal preference man, cutting thoes leaves off prior to chop will just shorten the hang dry time
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  3. I typically wet trim anyways, but was wondering if anyone has had experience in trimming days prior to chopping the plant.

    Mainly seeing if anyone has had experience with trimming days prior to chop, and the increase in production of trichs due to said trim.
  4. Huh that is interesting, im curious to hear from others that have experience in that area as i have never gone that route but got me wondering now haha
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  5. It may just be me "stoner thinking" it, but trichs are defense mech. So wouldnt it make sense that the plant would make resin and trichs if it thinks it was getting nibbled at?
    I'm just doing some medicated mowing (or should i say motivated? Lol) on my day off, so open for debate/discussion.
  6. Haha i hear ya no better way to spend a day off man, but it might act as hair does on the body after being shaved off it comes back in twice as full, you could have something there
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  7. I figure one of the more seasoned guys has tried it at some point, whether by design or necessity.
    I'm sure a few will see it as blasphemous too lol
  8. Stoner thinking is a great thing!! If trichome production is a defense mechanism then I believe it is in defense against light. Like a tan. Of course I’ve heard countless tales of “hurting” the plant to increase trichome production. I had one plant that wasn’t frosty under my quantum boards, moved it to burple and it got a little frost in its last two weeks of life. I called myself taking advantage of the uv and ir diodes in it. As for the trichomes being a sort of defense against nibbling, I kinda think the opposite. With the trichs being so aromatic I imagine they’d attract more than repel.
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  9. I remember @vostok posting about the sar vs jar response on here and it mentioning response to infestation and increased trich production due to it, but there were a lot of big words, and all I had was a strong indica to smoke that day.

    I may or may not have had to skim over a couple sections ha ha.

    I'll try to post the thread on here once finished mowing.
  10. Big Words I warned you it was deep!
    I'll be months chewing on the article..I suspect many growers are

    I come from the camp that does not normally defoil my plants
    but will follow this article and try the same
    even if its just to clear up this Defoil or Not Defoil ..thing!

    more tiny buds over bigger larger lesser buds is one thing more even more trics is another

    Jasmine: SAR vs JAR & the need to Defoil. (its deep)
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  11. Thanks @vostok. I haven't had a chance to look it back up, but I'll definitely be reading it again.
    I had been thinking about since the first read. I thought I'd wait until my perpetual starts, but thought "what the hell?", why not try on the one I have now?
    I'll try to leave some similar sized buds untrimmed to get a good comparison, although I don't know if the whole plant responds or just individually manipulated buds/branches?
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  12. Trimming on the whole plant is a pain.
  13. I don't disagree with that at all, especially in my little ass space.
    I'll likely test it out on the bigger buds for more since the other larf will probably just be hashed and edibles anyways.
  14. I bet most of us had to skip read that article. I was looking for the part where it says it makes pot more potent but it never said.
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  15. True, but I'll try it just to see. This plant got scorched when I was working out of town during the last week of the stretch, so i don't have anything to lose.
    If it works, then sweet! If not, no worries. I'll still get 6 or 8 ounces of smoke to share with friends. (The fire will be for personal)
  16. I'm hoping I just skipped that part by mistake

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