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  1. Has anyone else stumbled on this site? The depth of the info here has just about floored me. For just an example, he has full tutorials on mixing your own hydroponic nutrients and complicated supplements. How to reverse engineer your favorite supplements and copy them for pennies on the dollar being sure of the purity. There's more info here then most people can consume in quite some time. It's very scientific and a pleasure to read.

    I would copy and paste you an article but I can't. This is only one section. Highlight the grow info tab at the top or one of the others. A sample of good topics.
    Hydroponic Nutrient Science | Hydroponics

    The real advantage of formulating yourself | Hydroponics

    How hard is it to mix hydroponic nutrients at home? | Hydroponics

    Hydro Store vs DIY Cost Comparison | Hydroponics

    Reverse Engineering a Hydroponic Nutrient from the Guaranteed Analysis | Hydroponics

    A weekend reading here would replace years of growing and learning by trial and error.
  2. I will read this when iv got over my jet lag. Ill need time to digest it properly. Very interesting stuff and good find.

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