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  1. this game is so tight especially if you play it while your blazed
    shit talk about paranoia this game will freak you out cause you have everyone from the k.k.k. or cops, or nutcases who where dresses, or thugs or army guys trying to kill you the shadows are your friend and you will use them alot the weapons range from a plastic bag which smothers your victim daggers, metal bats, 9's, broken glass, beer bottles, axes, hammers, meat cleavers,45's,and sawedoff or regular shot gun which will blow your enemies head smooth off with one shot. the characters that are after you talk alot of shit to trust me this game is worth the money and best of all it's by ROCKSTAR if you have played this game while your blazed let me know what you think. this link will show in game pictures......

    here is a lil summary...........

    James Earl Cash, a convicted and recently executed murderer, awakes to find himself not only alive, but at the mercy of snuff movie director Starkweather. It seems that Cash has been selected to star in Starkweather's most ambitious movie to date: one man against many in a desolate wasteland, the titular Manhunt. Taking direction through a wireless earpiece Cash must make his way through the challenges set by Starkweather executing the gang members (hunters) using whatever weapons he can find. To begin with Cash is going to have to use a little imagination as this isn't the kind of scenario where absent minded thugs are going to be leaving fully loaded semi-automatic weaponry for you to find. The first weapon to be placed in Cash's sweaty, murderous palms is a plastic bag. I think the stark picture being painted should give you some idea of what to expect when Cash encounters his first victim.

    But wait. Cash can't just go running in "bags blazing" as it were. This is one man against a horde of homicidal maniacs, even the nuttiest of fruitcakes wouldn't just charge in and lay to waste an entire gang. Stealth must be used. Sneaking up behind his victim Cash can then dispatch with them by holding down the X button, the longer it is held down, the more gruesome the murder, and the happier the director. This, then, is the premise for the entire game. Sneaking up on people and killing them in the most hideous and violent way possible.
  2. lol i killed all those bitches lol ahaha ha!


  3. very cool game. I first got it for PC, but it didnt work well, I didnt like the controls so up on ebay that went and bought it for PS2 instead. I dont play games like this often, but I really enjoy this one. Maybe its how brutal and gruesome you can be. Its not too difficult (though a few times had to refer to a guide), but it def keeps my interest..One game Id recommend for gore type manhunt action.
  4. Looks good

    so when did this come out?

    might rent it this weekend if its still in BB..
  5. I played it for the pc,i think it came out in 2004 in jan.?

    i found it to be a easy game IMO
  6. i loved that game, i still have it and play it from time to time, it justs lets you do what you want.

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