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Mango Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by at537, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Well a few months ago my guy had this bud called Mango. It smelt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD. It didnt smell like weed at all, it smelt like fruit and deliciousness. But there was no buds on it, it was all leaves, if that makes sense. It wasnt grinded up, there was nugs like in the pic, I had an 8th.

    Here is my question, why was it leafy, with no buds? What kinda weed was it? Anyone with anything to say would help.

    Heres what i mean:

    This pic is opposite of the "mango".

    The "Mango":

    Not exactly that color, shape, size, ect.., but pretty much it looked like that.


    ps- these pics are not mine, nor do i intend for them to be mine, i am simply using them as an example.
  2. need to try that sh*t
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that mango bud was just grown upside down.
  4. that weed is just.. leaves. I have no logical explanation for you, sir.
  5. I know what u mean i had stuff like that before it was never really any good. Besides all purp/bubblegum/and kush i have tried all had a fruity smell but it was combined with the regular bud smell never did it only smell like fruits. How high did it get you, and how much of it did you need to get that high? i dont think shyt like that is very good!!
  6. I only smoked about 1 gram worth in a blunt each time i smoked. And it was a pretty good high but didnt really last that long, maybe an hour and a half. Now that i think of it, the shit wasnt really that good, i just wanted to know wtf it was, because i have never seen anything like it, or smelt.
  7. just got some of this stuff. its very good. taste just how it smells. if you havent tried it yet, try and get your hands on some of this stuff
  8. how is the first pic the opposite of mango....................?
  9. Nobody can ever tell you what ya got here. Maybe someone with more brains can say something.
  10. I've gotten some homegrown mids that have looked like that before

    but the "opposite" pic looks like some dankity dank dank
  11. I've had mango before and it looked just like the first picture.

    Maybe he was an amateur grower? :confused_2: I couldn't tell ya but maybe one of the growers could tell you why the weed is like that.

    *edit* fail @ this necrobump.
  12. It was just leafy simply because it wasn't cured properly. But personally, i don't mind if the grower doesn't manicure it completely, i actually like some leaf in there... gives a different kind of high, very mellow... i love it!!! :smoke:
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    This is Mysore mango weed. It doesn't taste like mango fruit when u smoke. Just rub a small piece of this onto ur hand smell it. It resembles the smell of rubbing tender mango leaf. Thats all. U can get this in mysore. http://imagezilla.net/show/9654566-01032013004.jpg

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