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Mango theory?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ibehyyerr, May 25, 2010.

  1. Does this really work? And how do you do it.. Is there any other fruits or iteams that can intensify the high as well???
    Detss :smoke: :smoke:
  2. I have many friends that say it worked, I tried it and it work. You're suppose to eat a fully ripped mango 1 hour prior to smoking.

    I am unaware of any other fruits that intensify the high.
  3. I drank a Arizona Mango before a session, regardless to placebo effect or not, I was pretty fucking bombed.

  4. It works. Eat an entire ripe one one hour, no less, before taking your first hit. You can tell if they are ripe by smelling the stem, sweet smell = ripe. Looks don't matter with mangos.
  5. Theory?!? Oh no, this isn't a theory, it's known science.
    It does work, and it's best to eat a slightly over ripe mango about an hour before toking.
  6. Oh, i've tried this, and hell yes it works. Try it!
  7. the search function is there for a reason

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