Mango Mist and Magic Crystal?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tr1ck_, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I got a few Mango Mist seeds from a friend they are on their 5th node, and I am also getting some Magic Crystal seeds. I know nothing about either strain and I was wondering if anyone has experience with either. What did you think of the strain? Taste good? High potency?
  2. sounds better then the seeds im using
  3. Bump -- Anyone?
  4. they really could be anything. your friend could have made up the names. no way to know for sure.

    i haven't seen these exact strain names anywhere, but keep in mind there are thousands of different strains...

    anyways mango mist appears to be a cross of mango (aka pineapple or papaya) and kali mist....

    and magic crystal apears to be a cross of magic bud and chrystal....

    so search those strains up individually and expect similarities from your crosses if they are genuinely what your friend says they are and if their names indicate the plants they were crossed from
  5. I have never seen Mango Mist like you say, and Magic Crystal is from the White Widow Web, its a cross between White Widow and Cali Orange.

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