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Mango Kush.....???

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by FunkeeNuggz514, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. So I have looked up this so-called Mango Kush and have came across a couple postings saying that it doesn't exist while others say it does. All I can say is that this shit is incredible!!! It has a very very potent sweet skunky smell with a fruity twist. It is definitely a sativa, but it may have a lil indica in it, but its sativa dominant for sure. The buds are sticky.....and very crystal covered. I broke my first bowl up with my fingers and I will not do that again.


  2. Dude where are you this shit is everywhere on the east coast from central FL to rhode island
  3. If there was every any bud worthy of being called "mango kush" that is it.

    Dank shit
  4. looking good.
  5. i here alot about diifferent manqo types of bud and i am from new york and theres manqo haze and manqo pina
  6. You can't tell a strain from a picture. Also with strains and their names- unless you're growing it, or know the grower and how they obtained the seeds, then names are pretty pointless and mostly never correct; only used to "call it something" and markup the value of the product.

    Anyways, it look delicious to say the least.
  7. You can't be exact but with all the Hi res pics out there, you can make an educated guess.
  8. ive had mango kush,and it is the fucking bomb

  9. I forgot there's only a small handful of strains out there :rolleyes: and they all look distinctly different.
  10. Well I have seen many pics of this exact same bud on here all on the east coast. I am saying you can make an inference from that and cross referencing other pics I think it can be done to some affect. Like I said before, can't be exact but you can make an educated guess.
  11. I picked this up 2 days ago, dealer said it was mango kush. smells real strong but tastes horrible, it hasnt really been fully cured yet though.


  12. And here's what I'm saying: Given that every marijuana plant you've ever smoked is a result of many factors such as cross pollination and genetic mutation, it's nearly impossible to tell the so-called "strain" ... you could produced some Mango-Kush look-a-likes but due to some stressful events that occurred during production those plants are now producing the THC level of a hemp plant. Yet it looks just like some amazing Mango Kush, until you smoke it and all you get is a headache.

    All I'm saying is that I can give you a gazillion hi-resolution pictures and I can surely guarentee you'll have no idea what it is :) but sure.. make your educated guess.
  13. Yo man whats up! Not to jack this thread, just gotta say hello to a fellow floridian, I'm in Daytona:smoking:

    I've never encountered any mango kush but the bud in those pics looks dank.

  14. I am from Indiana. Maybe we can get a system going and get that shit shipped to me somehow!! haha This shit doesn't come around very often....maybe once a month and when it does, my boy gets a half bag and I grab a quad for 120 but he makes it weigh 7.5g before the plastic so whatever, shit is scarce around here. Usually Sweet Nightmare comes around but now it is being crossed with something else so who the fuck knows what it is called now but it's good too, just not as good as this.

    I understand why people doubt strains' names....hence my ??'s. I was told that was what its called but whatever it is, it is fucking funky!! It's in the freezer now and going to be ran through my box. I will try to post what I yield when its all said n done.
  15. #15 akaHeehaw, Jun 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2009
    Yeah, strain information comes important for growers because the more information we have about the strain we're growing the better we can create an optimal growing environment. For recreational smokers, this information is nice to know but it really serves of no benefit, and usually the information you're told is false unless you know the "source". But it's like "Who cares as long as it smokes good and gets the job done!" When there's over a thousand different strains, there's no point in trying to figure out what it was. The best thing is being able to differentiate between good and bad weed.

    But you can still make smoke reports and if you come across it again see how well it compares to this :smoking:
  16. Well I understand marijuana is still a plant, and like all other plants, there are different kinds/species. So I see why people use names cuz they do have to distinguish each kind. I think it is important if we as smokers can tell the difference between sativa and indica we are golden in this great game of good marijuana. I like my sativa during the day while the indica helps me sleep cuz I am trying to get off methadone so it helps with my back pain but the sativa helps me concentrate and puts me in a chipper mood during the day. It's such an amazing plant!! haha Well next time I get some more good, I will let you know.

    How do people get those extra close pictures? Are they macroscopes? I am new to the whole pic thing really. How much do they run? I am planning on running some of this through my box and make some hash for Rothbury!!
  17. You'll need a camera that can take macro or micro shots.. probably majority of the digital cameras these days will allow you take those types of shots and usually will be recognized by a button with a flower on it.. (its usually near the flash control button, which is recognized by a lightening bolt).

    In response to your sativa/indica comment: It's also difficult to distinguish between indica and sativa's unless you're looking at the actual plant before it's harvested and cured. Due to distinctive physical differences (height, leaves, branches) between the plants during growth, you can usually tell which plants are dominantly indica and which ones sativa. But you can't tell just by looking at the nugget - gotta smoke that baby.
  18. Its not called mango kush its just mango.
    They sell it in alot of clubs in ca. And ive grown it. Its good.but not my fav
  19. Ahh I had this stuff a couple of months ago in San Diego. I still remember it being very sticky and crystally. One of my favorites :smoking:
  20. ive had mango kush i like it alot!
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