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  1. What's up everyone! Imma get this out the way first, I am by no means a professional or expert at growing cannabis. I am merely a beginner lol, who is seeking all the knowledge I can get from this amazing plant! I also gladly accept any help or knowledge I get from other growers/experienced gardeners. The people here on Grasscity are awesome, they taught me so much already. Like I always feel embarrassed to share pics of my plants cuz how much better everyone else is lol. I am catching on quick tho, especially with my current grow. Since I got 2 females with different plant structures I was able to learn about different growth rates, and how one takes in nutrients and water differently than the other. It breaks my heart to say my bushy Indica didn't make it. Her roots ran out of room :eek2: I feel so bad for her... She was doing so good too and I thought for sure my pot was big enough... But it turns out it was a 3 gallon pot, not a 5 gallon like I thought. I'm pretty sure my Mango Kush has a big enough pot tho. She's been taller than the bushy one and hasn't had any problems. It looks like she'll be staying as tall as she is now and gonna be focusing on bud production a lot more. Oh yeah and I had to move so of course I brought my plants lol. But during the move my Mango's main stem got bent toward the top :eek: Nothing too serious tho. Gave her some support, sprayed a lil flowers kiss on the wounded area a couple times and in 3 days she's back to good health. There were not/are not any discolored spots. Well there's a very tiny red spot on her stem where it bent but she's over that now. Her leafs are pointing up again, even the bottom ones. The very bottom big leafs are starting to hang a lil bit. They don't look anything like how bad my bushy Indica's leafs looked when they started drooping tho. I'm gonna redo so much in my journal too cuz so many unexpected things happened this time. I'll be way more prepared before I start my 3rd grow lol, first gonna make sure I get some 7 gallon pots! Plenty big enough so I won't have to worry about any roots running out of room! Been thinkin about using smart pots. I'm also gonna get a nutrient solution for the roots. I'm gonna get a couple more LED grow lights too! Thanks again everyone who gave me advice and taught me a few things! Here's a bunch of pics lol...
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  2. Very nice and very frosty:)
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  3. Dude, that plant looks better then a lot of others peoples plants I've seen here lol don't say that. She looks green, healthy, and very happy. Those buds are going to fatten up nicely! Keep us updated

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. For real? Thanks! I'll definitely keep y'all updated. I'm really surprised she pulled thru lol I'm hoping her buds fill out pretty good cuz they do look like the kind that connects to make one long bud. On a few spots at least lol
  6. In a soil grow..I use Backstrap Molasses 10ml per gallon once per week to help fatten them up (feeds the microbes in the soil..not the plant)
    like this 53 days in:)
    8-31-17 stacked.jpg
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  7. Ah hell yeah, man that looks real nice! I always wondered about that molasses, like I always thought it was for the plant lol. I'll have to get some for sure cuz I do wanna take good care of my microbes too
  8. Good stuff and cheap too..My shop had a qt for $10 and a gallon for $15..I have enough of that shit for about 1000+ grows now..LMAO
    Also some folks flush with it right up til harvest..Not sure about that, so I flush with RO and Floraclean.
  9. Yeah I've read quite a bit about how there's all these different kinds of flushing techniques, but a lot of people say water is the best with some kind of flush solution. Have you ever used Sledgehammer from FoxFarm? The closer harvest gets here the more nervous I get lol, I really hope her root system isn't too big. We've overcome many obstacles tho, I don't think she's gonna let me down!
  10. No..the only product I use from FF is FFOF..I think most, if not all flush solutions (leeching solutions) are sugar water..
    I smelled the Floraclean and it sure does smell like sugar water..I chose it simply since it was a cheap way out..Using Canna Terra nutes keep me broke most of the time..LOL
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  11. Ohhh ok, that makes sense now. Sugar water lol. I'm sure it has to be the right kind tho right? Like a certain amount of sugar mixed in? Kinda unrelated but after using the happy frog soil and flowers kiss I'm a huge fan of FoxFarm products lol. I used Jobe's Organics Bloom Booster like 3 weeks into flowering and it did a pretty good job. I wanna try the ocean forest soil
  12. I use OF with perlite mixed in ..also it does not have Mycos as HF does so I add some myself (Earth Juice too)
    I pd $13 for a qt of Floraclean which should be good for about 25+ grows I think (Highly concentrated)..Would never experiment by making my own with my ladies this far along;)
    getting ready to rock in about 2wks now:) 8-31-17.jpg
  13. Alright hell yeah, I didn't know that about the ocean forest. And yeah lol imma get some kinda solution to help with the flushing soon. Mine got like 3-5 weeks left. Thanks for letting me know all that about the flushing process!
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  14. you dont want to flush soil man.
  15. I've actually heard of some people doing like a no flush harvest. But if you don't flush it wouldn't that make the buds more harsh to smoke? I heard nitrogen that's left in the plant kinda kills the smell and taste in the drying/curing process. That's why almost every leaf is yellow right before harvest on the pros plants lol
  16. you heard a lot of internet myth my friend.
    first, you cannot flush nutrients out of plants. that is simply impossible and any horticulturist will tell you that.
    flushing is a practice that is used in hydroponics to remove soluble nutrients from the hydroponic media, not from the plant.
    as for leaves turning yellow, this is the normal outcome of senescence, which is hastened in hydroponics by removing soluble nutrients from the media and essentially starving the plant. but the yellowing is occurring not because nitrogen was leached from the leaves but rather because it has stopped photosynthesizing.
    thing is, in soil almost all of the nutrients are in non soluble form, and no amount of flushing is going to remove them. on top of that, flushing in soil is very risky because it can easily drown the roots and create all sorts of problems from anaerobic conditions.

    the only time you should be considering flushing soil is if there is a toxic amount of a soluble substance that can be removed and that will/is causing harm to the plant if left to stay. normally that should never happen.
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