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  1. What's up everyone, tomorrow, well technically today, will be a full 3 weeks for my youngest and Friday will be 4 weeks for my oldest. I kinda had to tear a piece of root off the youngest when I transplanted it Sunday so it went thru transplant shock pretty bad but immediately started recovering the next day. Today I think it fully recovered but it was kinda struggling for light so I got a light closer to it now. Those LED Bright Stiks are pretty legit cuz its good enough how far it is from the youngest. I had to move the CFL closer but cuz how tall the oldest is it isn't having any trouble getting enough light. Now the youngest should be doin way better since that CFL is closer. I'm also ordering some actual LED grow lights Friday too. Finally!!! Here's how they're doing...
    IMAG3659.jpg IMAG3660.jpg IMAG3650.jpg IMAG3656.jpg IMAG3658.jpg IMAG3652.jpg
  2. Im curious about your plants

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  3. Well my oldest is 4 weeks and the youngest is 3 weeks. I cut the dead leaves off my young one a couple days ago so it could resume growth on top. I'm not gonna top or fim the oldest but since I already cut some off my young one.... I might top it cuz it'll know what's up when it gets cut again. Not fim tho cuz there's no space for a fimmed plant. If I just had one then yeah but..... anything else you wanna know? I'm bout to make another update in a min

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