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Mango Kush- local dank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Florida420bud, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Some alright stuff, classic florida "fruity strains". it smells amazing, almost skunky. hybrid- started with a head high ended with some couchlock. 1.8 g's for 30. Tell me what you think.

    Attached Files:

  2. aka green crack. ncie pickup mpore pics :hello:

  3. haha thanks bro. i would take more pics, but it was so good i couldnt resist smoking all of it :D
  4. Nice man I got an 8th of that and made it last an entire week because I didn't want to smoke smelled so good lol..i also got that 8th for $60...u got ripped a bit :\
  5. nah not really. i got 1.8 for 30. 1.8 doubled is 3.6 and thats a tiny bit above a standard eighth. 30 doubled is 60 haha. so i kind of got a deal haha.
  6. that pic is DEFINITELY NOT green crack. Looks like some beasters to me....
  7. haha it looks dank broski
  8. Nice bud man
    thats probaly the best shit ive seen in fl.
  9. Don't underestimate FL bud.. we get some good stuff that rolls around. Only problem for me is consistency.

    But nice buds, what part of FL did you pick those up?
  10. Yea I guess you just gotta know the right people, which I dont know.
  11. haha im in the west palm area.
    and bro its not beasters. i have a connect i can trust.

    and im starting to see much better bud come around. right now ive seen alot of white rhino goin around. A year ago in my area that would be unheard of
  12. yea i guess i just have to look for a good connect.
  13. hey bro, im in the west palm area too. Once u know one good connect, the DANK is everywhere. last week I had lemon kush, now I have blueberry, and two weeks ago I had this mango kush. We got the same shit :p
  14. Lucky bastards.
  15. R u in fl?
  16. Yea kinda by daytona.

  17. weird, same with me haha. lemon, then a half o of blueberry over the past weekend, and this week mango haha. its funny how the same shit gets around everywhere in palm beach county
  18. i was getting mango kush awhile pack from a dude with consistent humboldt med shit, and that pic doesnt look anything like what i was getting, mabye cause its not high res but what i had was icier than that. but it still had the smell and taste where you almost wanna save it instead of smoking it. almost:smoke:
  19. '

    No offense to OP for the mass of pics but.....

    Florida gets fire

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