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Mango haze

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by junkheadrev, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Just picked up an 1/8 of this stuff,my dealer just got it(huge improvment from the last "dro" he had)
    This shit is is so crystaly and smells amazing.
    Ive heard of this stuff and was just wanting to know the genetics of this dank .
  2. Enjoy my man and btw do u live in south Florida? Cause I've heard of this strain a couple of times aswell (as much as I doubt that it's name ha anything to do with it's genetics)
  3. #3 junkheadrev, Aug 9, 2011
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    Nope I live in texas,and I heard mango haze(the real stuff from the dam) is 50/50 hybrid,also heard its 100% sativa?
  4. I live in aus, it's hard to get your hands on different "strains" over here. We call it mango bud, no different. 70% indica 30% sativa.. So I've been TOLD (may not be correct) hit me pretty hard. Only ever had it once, still in search for it again.
    i had that shit like a month ago and i vaped it after a quick bowl and got DESTRPOYED
  6. Google it.
  7. googles your best friend in these situations.
  8. Well when I google it,it comes up.with different answers,mostly saying its hybrid.but I dont know who right and what the sativa to indica ratio is
  9. thats funny my hommie got mango from his dispense it was a shit grow so it was 100 an o for it needless to say we made some butta with that shit woooooo
  10. I had mango northern lights, still one of my favorite stains
  11. i love mango!

    bud + mango..

    what can go wrong?!

    enjoy brutha man.
  12. it shouldnt matter what the genetics are. smoke a little bit then see how u feel. do u have a body stone, a head high, or a mix. u dont need percentages as most of them r bullshit anyway.

    I hope u get nice and high though... im guessing its going to be a sativa high since haze is a strong sativa.
  13. Smoked two bowls of it and im still.gone.
    Good shit

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