Mango/green crack anyone?

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  1. I had green crack about 3 months ago and loved it. I did some research and I guess green crack is the nick name for mango kush???

    Can anyone set me strait and more importantly where can I get my sticky fingers on some seeds!
  2. Its clone only.
  3. The mango haze is superb although I havent tried the mango kush. Are they the same thing?

    It is very citrus-y and reminds me of Amnesia

    This sample grown from seeds coming from sensible seeds

  4. Mango Kush should be a cross of Mango Haze with Kush. Im not sure which Kush strain though.

    Also pretty sure Green Crack is not another name for Mango Kush.

    One breeder did a Green Crack clone cross and has seeds.
  5. Either way, which breeder has green crack seeds. Honestly I'm not to concerned about what it is or isn't called, I just want to know where I can get seeds
  6. green crack = clone only .......

  7. Its a Green Crack cross that was made with a GC clone. So it's not a 100% Green crack.
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    A clone only strain is just that- clone only! Anything else is not true "Green Crack". If you crossed a green crack clone with itself (IE to get feminized seeds) you would actually have green crack x green crack- an F1 hybrid. What some breeders do is repeat this process over and over again to get an inbred line. This is the idea behind how seed strains are created. After all that inbreeding- the traits you care about become "stable". IE future generations retain those traits because dominate competing genes have been bred out.

    The point: TRUE "Green Crack" seeds DO NOT EXIST. But it is possible that Green Crack x Green Crack seeds could exist (They would have to be feminized though). So try to find a clone. As a hint, when buying it ask them where they got the seeds. If they tell you anything other than "This is a clone from the original Green Crack Mother Plant or a clone from a clone from a clone from a ... from the original Green Crack Mother Plant" you know they are full of shit and selling you crap.

    Green crack seems to have a few nicknames. A local dispensary actually lists one strain as "Hippie Kush AKA Green Crack" I did some looking around it does seem like that might be right.
  9. Thanks guys, I think I got what I was asking. Maybe I'll try the mango haze and hope it retained some of the characteristics of the mango.

    Thanks for the info
  10. Let us know how it goes. I would be interested in your smoke report.

    Do you live in a MMJ state? If so (assuming your state allows collectives) have you checked the collectives for clones? Some of our local collectives have some really bad ass strains for super cheap! I can get a Sensi 'Jack Herer' clone or Grandaddy Purple clone from my collective for $10!
  11. Damn that looks tasty.
  12. You can look into House of Funk Genetics. They have a strain called Green Python which is Green Crack Clone x Burmese.
  13. I've heard of Sensible Seeds - are they reliable. Whats the germ rate like?:hello:

  14. I had 100% germination rate with these.. sensible are a pretty good seedbank, never had a packet go missing.
  15. not to be confused with Hippie Crack ..... now where did I leave that bag of balloons? ;)


    PS + rep for great post, CC.
  16. I'm resuscitating this cuz I want some Green Crack too! C'mon someone has seeds of this, otherwise how is this going around, esp. my state which is not MMJ and I can't believe that the insane clown posse that I cop from actually have some Gr. Cr. clones in their possession. And, I can't ask as that would expose me as a grower, which I can't have. Cuz, I'm an HR Director, after all. AND, I've gotten baked every day of my adult life MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    OK, Someone (breeder) has got some crosses and I want to know where they are! So what breeder? It used to be Sensi Seeds but it's discontinued now. Man, that would have been perfect. Sensi Seeds has never done me wrong. They have Mean Green Martian now...hmmm WTF is that?

    I've got one nugget of this Gr. Cr. left and it's SOOOOO GOOOOD. Tasty and happy weed. Perfect for winding down after dealing with work assholes. I'm sick of Kushes and Diesels (yes, spoiled!) gimme crack!
  17. Try that.
  18. cry all you fuckin want ,it is still clone only :mad:... stupid juggalos...:eek:
  19. Wharfrat74...kindly fuck off. Useless anon prick that I don't care about.

    Anyhoo, Thx Lost Dog, I saw that on a google search. Gr. Cr.clone X Bodhi Seeds' Burmese.

    Sounds interesting with a variety of phenos. Might be a good pack to get to search for a mother plant for my spring harvest. Winter is going to be indica heavy and I need some variety in the garden

    That's the only one I found tho for sale in commercial form other than random crosses. The last thing I need is more seeds but I need to freshen the stock anyway and grow some sativa hybrids.
  20. Even if it's clone only seeds can still be produced , either from hermi or from finding a suitable father , finding the closest genotype and then back crossing it like 20 times through the green crack genos to get a green crack , they did this with romulan . There breeding house got busted and they were only able to get an original romalan cut from someone they shared it with previously and they obtained stable seeds from that cut

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