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Mango Brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by butters917, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I know eating mango before you smokes gets you higher. I was wondering about making mango pot brownies? Would they be better?
  2. You are a genius
  3. I hate Mango. Worst fruit ever!
    But I am very interested in this. Does it actually make you more high, is there any scientific basis to this?

  4. 1. Mangos are the shit, delicious.

    2. Yes, there is scientific evidence to back up an intensified high.

    I cringed while reading your post, I am sorry.
  5. mangos r bomb.

    brownies are bomb.

    mix em together, sounds like asss
  6. Wow, ill have to try it one time, even tho I hate Mangos.
  7. i hate mango
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    Thank you!

    I remember one time I was high in sainsburys, I was convinced that there was mango in everything lol
  9. it works pretty well. i ate it with a firecracker and got pretty baked.
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    Arg, you stole my thunder :) Made these a few weeks back, I was saving this recipe and tutorial for 4/20.... they have not only real mango frosting, but they were also flavored with a lemongrass hash extract. I'm the sort of person who dislikes those chocolate oranges, but these taste AMAZING. They're hard to stop eating. It's easy to over-consume your meds in an edible that goes down this well.

    Lemongrass has higher concentrations of myrcene, the terpene responsible for the added effect when eating a mango prior to, or during a session.




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  11. Hops, lemongrass, and a few other plants and fruits also contain and produce myrcene, the terpene responsible for the added effect, and at much higher concentrations than what can be found in mangoes.

    It enhances the experience, due to its already-high presence in most/many cannabis strains, but it is most beneficial to older cannabis who's terpenes may have, for the most part, degraded or dissipated. Many other plants share the same, and similar terpenes as cannabis, many of which are responsible for added effect and/or medicinal benefits.

  12. The reason mangoes make you higher is because they contain myrcene, a terpene.

    and baking the mangoes will most likely result in a loss of terpenes.

    It might be better to make a mango frosting or just lay slices of mango on top in order to keep the integrity of the myrcene.
  13. You mean like the above 'Space Cakes', made with mango lemongrass frosting ;)

    Lemongrass has more myrcene than mango per unit of weight, and a lemongrass concentrate contains myrcene at even higher concentrations, holding as much as %25 by weight or more.
  14. even better. I love lemongrass
  15. Hecticcc. Rep'd.

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