Mango and amnesia have home made co2

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  1. So not new to growing but basicly got.a few seeds just terminated and planted in jiffy/old I cut drainage holes in the bottom of, they are about 1.5 days old after sprouting looking ok just placed a home made co2 system consisting of approximately 3 cups.of.suger 1 tbs of yeast in 2 him.beam.bottles with like warm.water that's connected to a so for him.beam bottle with pure water with a tube submerged to moniture production and rate of flow the gas then goes to the 2.valves Coming out the top.of the water filled bottle into the plant humidity chamber goal and error at the moment hoping it helps but well see over next couple days using coco pearl mediam and devil's harvest nutes at quarter dose 6.8 ph need a temp gauge so far with me.any advice much appreciated light is sitting.about 20imch above canopy also have a water pump.for auto.feedi g.once ready to transplant sorry for.typos proof read cheers 20190730_171017.jpg 20190730_170959.jpg 20190730_170941.jpg 20190730_170918.jpg 20190730_170859.jpg 20190730_170836.jpg
  2. Decent pic 1564487277396.jpg
  3. If you have an exhaust fan, the co2 will be sucked out immediately before it can do any good.
    I've tried the co2 bags, but my co2 meter says they don't work in a vented tent..
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  4. Yea fair enough man that makes sense cheers your probably just saved me alot of messing around aha I might just use it while in the seedling stage got nonfams a.running at the moment and there I a humidity chamber so more likely to trap the co2 in there but once I've removed them from there might just ditch the c02 cheers bro pic might make more sense of what I mean
  5. I did that lol. Dont know if it worked the 1 time i did it. It just added another thing had to do on top of everything else. Good luck bud and Happy growing!

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  6. Ph range for coco is 5.5- 6.5 mate.
    for seedlings 5.7-5.9 is better.
  7. Also tried it. Didn’t seem to make a difference.

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