Mandatory vaccinations! Refusal results in transportation to military camp!

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  1. This is ALL 100% real. There have been rumours about microchipping the population for some odd years now, and here is the perfect time to impliment it.

    Without proper "credentials" that we have been "Vaccinated", we are prohibited from going into supermarkets, our own places of work, and travelling anywhere.

    They plan to set up checkstops to verify travellers have their proper credentials, otherwise they will be shipped off to military camps.

    These military camps they are talking about have thousands of bought and ready to go plastic coffins... FOR WHAT?

    The vaccination has been known to kill people, and contain an immunocontraceptive!

    [ame=]YouTube - RFID Bracelet Once You Have Had Swine Flu Vaccination[/ame]

    This is already in place in one state, and that is ONE STATE TOO MANY.

    Spread the word, we must stop this!
  2. Bullshit!

    I'm going to military camp!
  3. I was with you until I saw "No king but Jesus" in the background. So what are the guy's sources?
  4. I researched this a little bit and its kinda freaking me out.
    I dont really understand it, could someone dumb it down for me a little.
    Should i be scared?
  5. Do what now?

    I'll be damned if a motherfucker tries to put a microchip in my body!
  6. They don't have enough vaccine to vaccinate everybody, so the black helicopters are not coming to take us all off. The rioting and anarchy that would ensue would be fun though!:cool: Most of the people in my neighborhood are better armed than a 3rd world country dictatorship, so trying to take them anywhere, for any reason would be like a Rockstar video game, r/l
  7. Oh shit! I live in California, when do I start gathering all of my weapons and fashioning body armor?

    Should I buy a sword?

  8. Whenever I had my drive home road rage, I wish the world were like Grand Theft Auto. Only in Liberty City can I take an AK-47 to the bastard that cut me off.

  9. LOL
    that's my family as well.
    I'll be damned, as will anyone in my family, if they try and put a fucking microchip in me.
    I'll die, and take many down with me before that happens.

  10. Seriously, I think I'll start setting up land mines outside my house tonight.
  11. There is a guy over over on the dirt road who mounted a .50 cal on his roof because he was afraid of y2k.
  12. I'll be damned if the gov't tries to take me to some military camp, I don't need a damn gun or body armor.

    I have a feeling that if this is true, we will be looking at an urban 'Nam here in the states.
  13. How about we all gather up all our weed and paraphenlia, and go somewhere and chill and smoke until this shit blows over?
  14. what's more of a trip is that the gov is run by extraterrestrials
  15. ^^ Don't forget the Illuminati! :rolleyes:
  16. No, everyone knows lizard people control everything.
  17. u must be referring to the reptilians

    it's the Greys tho dawg

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