Mandatory T-Break or fake the test

Discussion in 'General' started by laserman, May 18, 2010.

  1. What should I do? Are there ways around the test that I can rely on or should I just stop smoking for 2 months?

    The Dr. that does my tests checks for temp. but doesn't watch me piss. What would you guys do? Fake it or brake it?

    What's your opinion GC:hello:
  2. T-break for the sake of honesty and assurance.

    Fake it if you're feeling confident/lucky.
  3. I had two of them.
    1- quit for three weeks and it sucked - passed it
    2- smoked for a month and had a blast, bought $25 detox -'passed it

    You choose. Court mandated tests btw
  4. Just stop dawg. Weeds not that important. Faking the tests is rather stressfull too.
  5. Thanks for the honesty :D

    The test is for my job, so i will be taking this test every year at the same time.
    (It's for Reptrax, if anyone is familiar).

    So how long should I wait? I smoke 2 - 4 bowls a day and I'm about 50lbs overweight. Should I stop completely?

    Please be as burtally honest as possible :hello:

  6. If you're as much as 50 pounds overweight then yes, you should stop completely until after the test.

  7. I was trying to say "Should I stop smoking completely because I have to take tests every year".

  8. haha good to know ' its been three weeks for me and i got one on friday I'm hoping I get by

    if I was you OP i'd just stop because you have to weigh it out on a scale it wouldn't be worth it at all to lose your job over smoking weed at the wrong time ' and its also an awful feeling no being sure if you're going to pass or not

  9. Oh, apologies. If you know when they're gonna be every year (which it appears you do) just stop smoking for the month leading up to the test. If you have a feeling they're gonna spring random ones on you, then yeah, stop smoking altogether.
  10. Stop until you get your test over with, and afterwords try to make it a point to shed the excess poundage before your next one. That way the thc won't stay in your system as long for next time. Good luck
  11. just quit and get high as fuck after
  12. Thanks for all the grate answers :D Keep em coming!

    My test isn't until September (possibly October if I'm lucky) but I've been freaking a little and just hoping for the best advice from the best community I can think of :gc_rocks:

    I've thought about quiting in June (especially with my weight) just to be extra sure that i will be ready in Sep.

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