mandatory stoner kit.

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Is this a silly thread?

  1. yeah! as if we dont know whats needed to kit ourselves out. :p

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  2. not at all... the initiates need to know what helps provide the perfect tokers lifestyle. ;)

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  3. what a fantabulous idea. can we have some sauce with this... and more club sandwiches to boot! ...

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  1. whats your mandatory stoner kit for any fully kitted out stoner? please share your full list with us all.

    my list includes:

    Packet of skins and maybe extra roach material if needed.

    Grinder. electric or not.. as long as it does the job.

    optional - preferd extra smoking medium (tobacco, parsley, herbal smoking mix, mint... whatever)

    A couch.

    A bong. (and ice. see fridge)

    A pipe (more portable than bong).

    A Bucket or a Rocket... or at the very least, a bottle kitted out for hotknives (and the knives and hob then too).

    A games machine, preferably one with some great multiplayer titles.

    Either Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon, or, Boards of Canada- Music Has The Right To Children, or some quality reggae and the appropriate soundsystem to play it on.

    fridge. and a fully kitted out with all prefered munchies.

    a bunch of fellow stoner friends.

    A lighter.

    A backup lighter. ... you know you'll need it.


    some gaaaaaaanja! :D
  2. a good pair of scissors
    a decent shot glass or small container
    papers, pipe, bong, etc
    a Bic lighter (or 3 - they go missing like crazy around here)
    and of course, lovely green weed :hippie:

    and incense is nice to keep the smell down, esp if you're in a hotel. (boycot Super 8. they are totally not pot friendly)
  3. 3 main things:
    2)anything to smoke out of, if nothing i make a poverty bowl out of tin foil.
    everything else)
    more pot
    more lighters
    place to smoke(not to get caught)
    good music
    cant really think of much more now, if i do ill edit my post
  4. haha! Another chance to say this...
    Rule #1 always carry a lighter
    Rule #2 always carry a spare :)
    Other niceities:
    Breath Mints
    Business Cards

    I prefer smoke a pipe, but on the go, Joints are the easiest to use. Oh yeah, and, I have a bad habit of breaking rule #2. ;)
  5. have to have a spare lightre and then also some matchs in the wallet is a must

    razor blade like thc said razor blade are great.

    a altoids tin or whatever you like I have a peter tosh one i picked up at a fair, it kicks (this is to keep the weed in one spot, much like isis shot glass or container cept it's more portable)

    mints, or it's nice to have like watermellon papppres so you can but one on your tounge in case of emergency

    air freshner

    clear eyes (economy size)

    oh ann tweesers (they can be used for so much!!!!!)
  6. mine includes some blunt wraps, rizla thin rolling papers, a trumpet mouthpiece bong, a bic liter and occasionally a bag of weed when i can get it
  7. Well for starters, Weed, followed by a lighter or two.. or three, you never know, and then something to smoke it out of. For me, I put on my favorite Enya CD, Lots of food.. but not all one kind.. I like variety.. So I'll have chips, and cookies, and candy, peanuts, ice cream, spagetti and anything else I can manage to scrounge up.. Other than that, I dont need anything else... but other things add to the great feeling.. like friends, or whatever...
  8. Apart from the obvious u need lighters, u can never have too many lighters!Munchies and a drink by your side so you aint never got get up for nothing! And once the bottles empty use it as a bong!

  9. Cub scout.

  10. ganja. if you've got that, some other fucker will run to the garage for skins and cigarettes as fast as his little legs will carry him...

    ...fucking shop has got well harsh nearby on checking age when you buy baccy - cool for us, but can't send little bro down for us anymore!
  11. Bud
    King Size Basil Bush
    Silk Cut Ultra
    Mini Disc Player
  12. 1. Lighter
    2. More Lighters
    3. zig zags
    4. clip off a cig
    5. cell phone for a poke or pen
    6. businness cards
    7. Axe body spray
    8. Any drinks and munchies
  13. 1. bowl
    2. paper
    3. lighter
    4. something fun to do like PS2 with tons of games
    5. Munchies
    6. But definatly Not least a female to have fun with:)
  14. 1. papers
    2. lighter
    3. scissors
    4. rolling machine...hey, I'm lazy!
    5. cd case
    6. paper clip
  15. 1-->bong

    2-->2 pack of papers

    2-->oz of herb to try all toys in kit

    4-->pipe+glass pipe


    6-->lighter-"refilable" + can of fluid

    7-->$300.00 bucks to get another bag

    8-->water for bong and for who my be hacking up a lung(lol)

    9-->asprin for the head

    10-->screens for pipes

    11-->pipe cleaners to clear the clog
  16. that is the best picture of ANY of the beatles i have ever seen.
    thats such a cool picture of ringo. craaazy.

    i cant believe someone has given this thread 4 stars!

    and the poll! omg! how often do you see that!??!? its been equal all the way.. everytime i look its 33% all the way.

  17. Not anymore now..I just messed it up :(
  18. ditto Digi...GanjaMom that's the stone cold baddest pic of Ringo! How high was he?!!!! :)
  19. How do you rate a thread?
  20. ;P Sorry about that im completely tokered on some skunk! ;p

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