mandated rfid chips?

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  1. What are you talking about when you say "mandated"? There is no mandate mentioned in the bill, just that a registry would be made for the increase in use of the free market's creation of medical chips.

    So are you denying this product has no value whatsoever? Would privatizing all the hospitals and ER's sound better so the registry database wouldn't be in the hands of the government, rather a huge corporation? Or do you just despise medical advancement?
  2. what they dont tell you is that rfid chips have gps tracking devices, do you want to tracked? and lose your 4th amendment rights to privacy?

    and mandated as in, if your an american on march 23rd 2013 without one. you need to get one.
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    No, RFID chips have the capacity to operate as a GPS. An RFID chip also has the ability to operate as a valuable medical device for people sent to the ER unconscious.

    And no, March 23 '13 is just when that part of the bill becomes active. If you don't have one, you don't have to spend the money to get one. Why would private insurance companies force you to use their products?

    If you read the whole part of this bill and not just a small piece, you'd see that the registrar is simply a database of who which doctor prescribed an implant, the date, and the costs of that implant. So where's the mandate?

  4. Don't you think that's a choice people should be able to make for themselves?

    You and I may realize bloodletting is an ineffective treatment for sickness and may participate in activities that we could justify needing an rfid medical chip but what right do you or I have to make that choice for anyone else?
  5. Your doctor, the one implanting the medical chip inside you, isn't forcing you to undergo the operation under the context of this bill. As mentioned previously, the only thing detailed in this bill is that a registrar to be created to monitor the increased usage of medical chips.

  6. And do you think that's a choice people should make for themselves or not?
  7. I'm sorry but no government can put a foreign object in my body. I'll gladly leave the country if that's the only other option.

  8. Sure, making medical device manufactures submit information into a national implant database to prevent something like the DePuy recall, is a deadly, violent, monopoly of force!

  9. Good, I agree. People should be able to make their own choice concerning whether or not they get an rfid medical chip.

    Do you agree that knowing you'll be put in a national database may affect that decision for some people?
  10. Guessing you didn't read the bill in its entirety. It forces implant manufactures (RFID wasn't even mentioned, this bill references all medical implants) to submit information if they're selling directly to the doctors.

    The part of the database that requests the patient's information is fully voluntary but I'm sure the doctor would advise to submit your information if he knows anything about medical history at all.
  11. im no jesus freak but i think in there religion this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. that you need to were a marker to trace where u are and wat u do at all times and u cant buy things without them...something like that right?

  12. Do you agree that participating in a national database will affect someone's decision or not? Whether it's the doctor's or the patients I assume you still stand by what you said - People should be free to make that decision themselves.

  13. citation needed

  14. I agree. I'd like to see something official in writing saying that the installation of these devices is mandatory in every man, woman and child across America. :confused:
  15. red herring !

    Microchips in Obamacare? Not yet

    that section of the bill was rejected.

    nothing to see here, move along...

  16. Yeah, it's creepy how all this crazy shit that's going on lately seems to have the ability to lead to a lot of different "prophesies" about the end of the world and shit. Like the possibility of war against Iran where we are allied with Israel, while they are allied with Russia and China and other ME countries, if nukes started flying, it would certainly be an apocalypse like scenario, in addition to the fact that we are fast approaching the Mayan calendar prophecied date of 12/21/12.

    Usually I shrug this shit off, but it still strikes me as a little weird that all this is happening as quickly as it is, and all just in time for December. :eek:

    I know I'd be a lot more at ease about the situation if we can get up to December 22 without having gone to war with Iran yet. If we did go to war before that date, I'd be shitting bricks on Dec 21 that a nuke is going to hit somewhere along the Eastern seaboard at any moment and it's game over...:eek:
  17. make it digital

  18. But but but! RFID can be tracked, this bill is horrible and the govt just wants to tracerz us!!1! SCARE TACTICS EVERYONE FUCK OBAMA!!!1!!!1! HE IS EVIL!!!1!!!

    Sorry, just trying to fit in with all the other people in this thread, you and Arnack aside, of course.

  19. The mayans never preidicted dec 21 is the end of the world I've been to there country and talked to some people there that knew english and they said that's no prediction its just wen the calender ends and there needs to b another made in. Its place and btw the
    calender doesn't end dec 21 2012 it ends june 21 1574

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