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  1. Hello guys and girls and welcome. I have just recently discovered "The City" and what a great place it is to be. I've read through several journals over the past few weeks and some are quite impressive. Oldpork, Dank and Mania come to mind.

    I've been doing this crazy shit off and on since I was a kid (and boy was that a long time ago).[​IMG] Of course I wasn't all organic back then. We would throw some cow shit in our holes maybe some fish guts and let it sit over the winter. Then we'd blast away with the Miracle Grow once the plants were in the ground. Not now , no sir.

    Anyway this is the first thread I've every started anywhere, really. Why start now? I guess maybe because of football being F'd up and I'm a little bored. Plus, it seems there are a lot of people on here who know what their doing. Even though I've struggled through almost every thing I can just about think of, I'll be blind sided again you can bet your ass on that. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

    April 10 I placed the following in starter cubes with my own seedling mix (organic potting mix, EWC and vermiculite, very similar to other mixes I've seen here).
    Mandala Seeds: non-fem
    6 Mango Zamal
    5 Satori
    5 Point of No Return
    5 Beyond the Brain
    5 8 Miles High
    All 31 germinated but lost one early (see told ya that was gonna happen,BLIND-SIDED,BAM). I gave 2 to a friend and so far have identified only 2 males which, if it stands, would just blow me away. I don't see how it can though.

    I usually go with all fem seeds but I'd heard good things about Mandala seeds in this heat, gotta see for my self. So far so good, see for yourself...

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  2. damn smoove!you popped up out of no where with some true mandala madness WOW:eek:,subbed and for sure tuned in cause im definitely interested in that mandala gear.

  3. Thanks. I've heard good things about these guys. Stay tuned, I'm expecting this to get interesting.
  4. Damn! You got some beauties going there. Definitely sticking around for this one.

    And did you use window screens for fencing? hahaha

  5. I did indeed. Works great!
  6. Hahahaha, very intuitive sir! Looks like a perfect barrier. And the veg around those girls is looking pretty damn vigorous as well.
  7. I've never bought from Mandela...but have heard good things. I'm subbed......looking good so far. If this turns out I might just buy some of that 8 Miles high. I have read alot on that strain. Good luck and welcome to the city bro.
  8. Thanks Hazy. Man so far I'm mostly impressed with the Mandala gear. Out of 31 only two confirmed males. I must consider the unknown ( 2 given away, 1 seedling died ). I have 2 runts, but still gotta like things so far.

    I had a plant eaten last nite. Just replaced w/ one still in the little pots. All are in their places now. I thought the plant eating critters had been run off by my dogs, but no. This thing or things ate nearly 18 plants when I placed out bag seed test plants. This is a new spot and and I was just seeing how the plants would react when all where gobbled up.

    Off to get moth balls and a critter trap. I don't want to let my dogs in on the fun again because one was bitten and I never even seen the damn thing Update coming this weekend. PEACE.
  9. It's a beautiful morning here.[​IMG]

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  10. What plant is in the 5th picture? It looks ridiculous!
  11. 8 Miles High. Ridiculous in a good way?

  12. lol....In a great way! I have never seen the 8 Miles High grow before.....I'm almost 100% sold on it now. I wish Mandela sold feminized seeds. I don't have a ton of room to grow out a bunch of males to get 2-3 females.
  13. I here ya bro...I feel the same way. So far though the FM to M ratio has blown me away. 100% germ rate. They seem to like the heat, but it aint HOT yet.

    At first I was trying to make them stretch above the native foliage then maybe a lil' LST, but this shit is growing like CRAZY. Don't know if I can the girls to out pace it and there also seems to be a lot of air traffic. Maybe top'em and clear a little more out around some of them. Hmmm...

    This is a new spot for me which I saw for the first time last winter. I under estimated how tall this vegetation would get. Almost everything is in plastic containers w/ the bottom cut out and replaced w/ a mesh. I also drilled many, many small holes in the sides. The ground is very fertile and soggy. Some are in what I call "Insta Pots" which is 4 stakes w/ a strip of landscape cloth pre-nailed to them to make a square pot about 16"x16"x16".

    Gonna start on the the Pura Vida Aggressive Two-Part Formula next watering. I have not fed these plants since birth. They started out in my seedling mix and then where transferred to a mix consisting of about 250 gals. recycled super soil, 500 lbs. composted cow manure, 50 gals. EWC, 2 ea. large bags Epsoma plant and garden tone (purchased from a local mega store @ pennies on the dollar) and a few other things I can't remember right now. PEACE.
  14. Wow Water give us an update!!! I have looked EVERYWHERE online for a mango zamal grow and this is exactly what I was looking for.
  15. Also, is this a tropical rain forest environment? I just ordered my mango zamal through the boutique and cant wait to get them started.
  16. Welcome grassi... been havin' critter problems lately...[​IMG] plants look a little rough right now but there will be an update tonight.

    As far as the Mango Zamal it's the star of the show. To think that all these plants are just under 2 months old and some are already over 6' is sorta impressive.[​IMG] IMHO.

    Rain Forest? No.
    Sub-Tropic? Yes.

    Pics coming soon. PEACE.
  17. Somebody say update?

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  18. And this...

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