Mandala #1 Indoor LST CFL grow

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  1. 5th day of flowering.
    starting to see all the bud sites.

    i broke one of my 55 watt cfls. so i got 4 more 26 watt, all in 2700K spectrum. now have a total of 155 watts of 2700K, plus 50 watts of 6500K. total 200watt.

    shes growing super fast now.

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  2. What dirt are you using?
  3. "black gold organic potting soil"
  4. whats the flowering time on that strain?
  5. supposed to be 55-65 days. some people have finished her in 45.
  6. Looks like its doing awesome man. Congrats on the female its always such a good high to know you will get a good high. Keep up the good work Props to you.
  7. Looking good pakalolo... Mandala #1 is a strain I would like try sometime myself..

    From reading around I heard about 1/3 of the plants grown out will strongly take on the new zealand indicas purple coloring, which is always pretty IMO. It was stated some of these can be spotted early in veg by the strong purple-ish coloring starting on the stems.

    I may wait a bit before making a purchase as Mandala Mike said he was working on a few hybrid crosses of the mandala #1, instead of backcrossing which was used in the creation of mandala #1.. I took that to possibly mean it didn't end up 100% as he would of liked, or he may be doing that to create a similar strain created more for indoor cultivation as the mandala #1 was advertised as one of the first mandala strains specifically created for outdoor growing. Who knows for sure, but I'm sure new interesting offerings are on the horizon for Mandala Seeds;)
  8. amazing grow.

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