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    We all die, and then a couple billion years later the entire universe destroys itself and all information with it. It actually WILL be like nothing ever happened.

    What really counts? What is the best way to live your life in light of this fact?
  2. Nothing.

    That's the beauty of it.
  3. Can that truly be the answer?

    The well goes no deeper?
  4. pussy, money, weed.

    really, though, purpose is self defined. in a grandiose sense nothing matters whatsoever, but that is from the point of view of the universe, not life.
  5. Only if you accept it as the answer. ;)

    The well can go as deep as you want it to, my friend. :smoke:
  6. what really counts? what you do with what little time we have.
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    Well I'm not interested in cherry picking what I want to accept or don't want too. I want me accepting an answer to be on the answer's truth, whether I'd like to accept it or not.

    But I don't see a flaw in your answer. Nothing matters to a relative extent.
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  8. The real question is what SHOULD you do, with the time you have. What counts in the sense whats worth doing or giving meaning.
  9. Nothing defines a good life unless the person defines it as a good life.

    Shallow water is still part of the sea, but then the question comes in: What is water? What's this substance that everyone needs to live? It's clear, it has no taste or smell, but you have to drink it or you die. Water is a good example of life in many ways.

    "The sea accepts no river"
  10. Thinking like that is so common among stoners, that universal vapidness of our lives. I've been there, and honestly I'd have to say the best thing you can is just listen to what comes from inside, and do whatever you can to abide by it
  11. What you want matters. The things you're passionate about and the goals you want to achieve, for you or the people you care about/love.

    It may not matter on a universal scale, but it's better to live the life you want to live than to die having done nothing, or what other people expect of you.

    Because nothing matters in the end, you have a whole world full of opportunities in front of you. If we were all part of some plan and had to live our lives in accordance with that plan, we would be limited.

    Life is limitless because it's pointless, do ye kennit?

  12. Bah, then by your definition a coward and a loser could believe correctly that they lived good lives.

  13. This is a sound answer, the work of a clever mind.

  14. You SHOULD do whatever it is that will give your own life meaning. There isnt anything more satisfying then figuring out for what you re living your life.

    Its something that only YOU can figure out.:smoke:
  15. It means nothing matters so live it however you please
  16. But that's what YOU think. Everything is what you make it, even on micro-levels.
  17. My life is, ultimately, about me, and my livelihood. I live to derive pleasure from living.

    A lot of people see this explanation and assume that I'm some selfish prick who never does anything for anyone else. That's totally incorrect. I'm a nice guy and a do lots of things for others, because, ultimately, it benefits me. If I feel like a douche or a bum because I didn't do anything, well, that doesn't help me. Just makes we feel like a douche, which equals bad.

    My biggest goal in life is to be happy and hopefully if I get to be old and about to die, I can be content with what I did in my life and not wish for more. Because that makes me happy. And I want to die happy. Seeing a trend here?

    I'm not going to just go through life being a bum...I'm going to be an engineer. But that's because machines make me happy, and it's a good way to make money, which is in most cases necessary to be happy (I know there's the bum argument but I'm not that kind of person, it's just not for me).

    So that's what I live for. It's pretty simple, and it makes me happy.
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  18. Live young and fast.

    Thats my code.
  19. OP i assume this is what your talking about.
    1,000,000,000,000 AD
    Star formation is declining in many galaxies*
    By now, a significant percentage of galaxies throughout the universe are beginning to "burn out", having been depleted of the gas clouds needed to form stars.

    2,000,000,000,000 AD
    Galaxies beyond the Local Supercluster are no longer visible*
    Dark energy has continued to drive the expansion of the universe at an ever-accelerating rate. By now, the volume of the universe is so great - and the speed of acceleration so high - that everything beyond the Local Supercluster is no longer visible.
    Even for the highest energy gamma rays, a redshift of 1053 means their wavelength is stretched to greater than the physical diameter of the horizon.
    Because of this, any remaining intelligent life today may no longer be able to obtain new empirical data on the state of large-scale structures on scales observed in the past.

    20,000,000,000,000 AD
    Red dwarf stars are dying*
    By now, even some of the longest-lived stars in our galaxy - such as red dwarfs - have begun to fade away, leaving behind only cold "black dwarfs" emitting trace amounts of radiation. This includes once famous stars such as Proxima Centauri, Barnard's Star and Wolf 359. The Milky Way galaxy is becoming a dark, empty place dominated by enormous blackholes.

    100,000,000,000,000 AD
    The end of the stellar era*
    The last of the main sequence stars in our universe has withered away to nothing. The only stellar-mass objects now remaining are white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. Brown dwarfs also remain.
    Planets everywhere have been dislodged from their previous orbits and left drifting as "rogues", with many ending up in black holes.

    10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 AD
    The degenerate era of the universe*
    In this era, the only energy being generated in the universe is through proton decay and particle annihilation. Neutron stars, white dwarfs and black holes are now the only remaining objects. Due to extreme age, all of the planets and moons have disintegrated and decayed into their constituent atomic particles, or else been absorbed into stellar remnants.

    000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 AD

    The black hole era of the universe*
    Only black holes and subatomic particles remain. The universe has expanded so much that these individual particles may be separated from each other by truly enormous distances. Black holes themselves are now evaporating by Hawking radiation.

    Beyond 10100
    The dark era of the universe*
    The last remaining black hole has evaporated.
    From this point onwards the universe is composed only of photons, neutrinos, electrons and positrons - with no way of interacting with each other.
    The universe continues to expand forever... but is essentially dead.

    if you think about it is is kind of depressing,but that's alright just be glad your here to begin with. what was it like before you were born? nothing? thats what we'll probably go back to, we'll just lose our consciousness,but our atoms return to the universe.
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