man wtf should i do????

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JobCorps, May 14, 2010.

  1. Okay so while im visiting my mom today my little brother comes home all mad because someone stole his chocolates he was selling to go on a trip cuz hes in band but anyways he said he knows here dude lives he found out so we're thinking about paying him a visit :) any ideas what u would do?????
  2. I'd wait on it.. see what happens. ;)
  3. Really only thing that comes to mind here is "lol"
  4. Too bad I saw this coming.....what took you so long? Oh I see...had to make it seem more realistic right?

    Also too bad the other guy lived in a different state, eh?

    Fail is what fail does.
  5. Ill tell you what...You should get a little brother who isnt a bitch and lost his chocolate in a library.
  6. its not his fault hes a sucker for facebook and mafia wars
    but for real though he has to pay back $50 he was suppose to sell the box for $100 to double but now he aint hes just going to pay back the $50

    no ideas what to do to that guys house???
  7. 1. First off give your brother the money. $50 isn't hard to come by at all, you should be able to get that in day.

    2. What does Mafia Wars have to do with this? Did he lose a bet of some sort?

    3. He's a kid, go tell his mother. She wouldn't appreciate hearing shit like that if her son is really doing something like that.

    4. How old is your brother? He should be able to handle his own business even if he is at a young age.
  8. I rememberer in high school I had a class and they had boxes of candy like that, and I put on in my backpack and was selling candy bars 3 for 1 making a all profit killing and eating candy
  9. Booooo fail.
  10. yeah i made this as a joke since dude felt so guilty lol

    damn i got super neg. rep for just making a joke thread ummmm......
    sorry everyone so serious and aint got a sense of humor
  11. +rep cause that's dumb to neg rep you for a joke.
  12. I don't know if its just cause i'm stoned, but i've read this thread like 3 times and i still don't fully understand.
  13. There are serious posts in this thread. He did get some people, though not creative so not fully successful.
  14. take out your 420 gauge shotgun and stone his ass.
  15. i hope for this, one day soon, karma hits you like a bus and someone steals your chocolate. lies arent funny
  16. lol at the troll attempt.
  17. Both of you run up on his ass late at night with ski masks on, beat his ass down, and ask him if he wants a couple chocolate bars to munch on :smoking:

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