Man... Wheres the dank at in ft lauderdale??

Discussion in 'General' started by King Of Kryp, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. every1 is on point with bammer down here nd its starting to give me a tummy ache:mad: WHERES THE EXOTIC!!!!
  2. Oh man. I used to spend alot of time down there.

    I can't believe you're having trouble finding good bud.

    Just keep sniffing around. It wont take you long.
  3. Not anywhere on this website. You would have better luck if you were to go out and meet some people. :smoke:
  4. Go to the Home Depot in Pembroke Pines aisle 12 and look for Larry, tell him the goose has landed and he'll know what to do.
  5. that last one made me lmaooo i wish it were true =( nd @mrgoodsmoke i know i come across dank every now and then but i swearrr for the last like 3 weeks everybodys had an abundance of shitty ass brown schwagg -_- nd all of my krippy cnects r hella dry.
  6. Dude my cousin lives in lauderdale and the cali buds there are abundant! ABUNDANT! You need to start looking harder.
  7. I used to live there just off Las Olas & A1A til a few years or so ago. I always hit up the beach bars and downtown. You know the type to look for...
  8. yeah think out side of the box . your dealers obviously came across a deal on schwag they could not refuse lol
  9. Dude... Ft. Laudy's got plenty of dankity dank. You'll find it!

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