Man VS. Man

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  1. Man saw man with bigger cave

    Man killed man with bigger cave

    Man became corrupt

  2. Ever since man has had intellgience(sp>?) man was corrupt. Unfortunetly that is human nature.
  3. It's an unfortunate mixture of intelligence, self-awareness and an overdrive for dominance and adaptation.

    Corruption is both learned and natural. There is no requisite in human-nature. It just tends to gravitate that way.
  4. the old testiment was wrong, eye for an eye is wrong.

    the new testiment was right, turn the other cheek.

    its shouldnt be man vs man, but man + man.

    if i could be so bold to state this, but we are coming closer to man + man. 2 steps forward and 1 step back. 2 steps forward = end of slavery, 1 step back = fighting silly wars when other options are available.
  5. Actually, I think we're on a civil dissemination. People only see what they choose to see, and nearly every individual in the world seems to be so ignorant as to be told what they want to see, and never see what they wanted to see, but what others wanted them to see, you see?

    Man + man cannot be achieved until -man accepts -man as man.
  6. exactly.

    imagine a society of say 100 people, a tribe. theres less of a possibility of corruption with fewer people, everyone can keep eachother in check. but in a society of 7 billion people? someone is going to become corrupt and theres nothing the other 6.999 billion can do.

    the problem is the society we choose to live in is wrong, consumerism is wrong, competition is wrong, power is wrong.

    for the first 20 years of our lives our minds are raped and shit on. then we just accept it when we get old enough and are depressed for the remainder of our days while contributing to the society that raped and shat on us.
  7. Modernization in its entirity is wrong.

    I say we would be better off if we remained nomadic, everyone would be content, and the only land that anyone would claim would be enough to suit your living needs. We have brought about our own mental decay, ever since society has evolved, all people have thought about is more, more, more. It's like a narcotic, nobody is happy with what they have, and when they get more, they quickly build up tolerance and desire more.
  8. utopia is awesome isnt it?

    unfortunately there will always be the ambitious and the power seeking. it only makes sense, this is what separates us from animals.

    but what doesnt separate us from animals is the fact that there are too many of us.

    in fact, wars/death are neccesary. until we have evolved our ideas and realize how much we are fucking our planet, we need to let people die. stop keeping people alive through drastic medicine, for there are just not enough resources.
  9. Corruption doesn't begin with the murder of another man for a larger living space. Corruption came later with the invention of economy. Man killing man with bigger cave is more competition, survival of the fittest. If he were to be entitled to such large living quarters, he would have been able to defend it. At this point in time man was so primitive that yes, this is the raw nature of man.

    I'd love to get into a more indepth discussion about the modernization is wrong part, because I feel you there. But right now I'm not feeling so well, so I can't think linearly; so maybe tomorrow I'll discuss this topic more.
  10. Well, as scoobydooby67 said, we are separated from all other animals for our ambitions.

    When Darwin discovered natural selection, I don't think he had any intent on applying it to humans(with the knowledge that there are no other, more advanced, organisms in the universe).

    As far as we are concerned about our own metaphysical selves, people are capable of settling dispuites in a manner that animals simply aren't capable of. A major factor in man killing another man for living quaters when he could surely find his own is both absolute jelousy and greed.

    If a key role in human existance is survival(or prevention of extinction), surely humans aren't too ignorant to realize that killing our own species doesn't help further survival.

  11. thats where i disagree.

    there are too many of us, and it is because we have to ability to feel compassion. this is the reason our species sucks.

    we dont let our weaker individuals die, we waste all the money we can to keep them alive, we attempt to keep ourselves alive when we are far too old to contribute to the race as a whole.

    in fact, "intelligence" has fucked up the natural balance. there are too many of us, and the thing is we're not evolving.

    just because we're sentient doesnt mean we arent an animal, natural selection still applies to us. we have just figured out ways of impeding it, therefore destroying the natural order.
  12. See spot run.

  13. lol


    ever hear of gypsies? thats the only way to truly live.

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