man urinates on dead woman.....

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    The 27-year-old shouted "this is YouTube material" as he degraded Christine Lakinski, 50, who had fallen ill, magistrates heard.
    Miss Lakinski, who suffered a number of medical conditions, died from natural causes, an inquest found.
    Anthony Anderson, of Raby Road, who admitted outraging public decency, will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court.
    Hartlepool magistrates heard how, on 27 July, Miss Lakinski was making her way home with a box of laminate flooring when she fell ill and stumbled into a doorway.
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    Anderson had smoked a cannabis joint and been drinking when he and two friends spotted her.
    He tried to rouse her by throwing a bucket of water over her, before urinating on her and covering her with shaving foam. The incident was filmed on a mobile phone.
    She was later declared dead at the scene, the cause of death being given as pancreatic failure.
    Lynne Dalton, prosecuting, said: "Although his actions did not contribute to her death it was appalling behaviour that robbed her of any dignity in the last hours of her life."
    She urged magistrates to transfer the case to crown court for sentencing, claiming their maximum powers were insufficient.
    Anderson's solicitor did not oppose the application and his client will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court on 22 October. After Wednesday's hearing, Miss Lakinski's brother, Mark, said: "We will await the outcome and just hope he gets what he deserves."

    The sad thing is that they mentioned that he smoked a cannibis joint which will leave people to conclude that marijuana leads you to do such things.
  2. what a mutt
  3. its because he was high, all cannabis joint smokers pee on people right?
  4. So this guy sees an old lady fall down and "hey, I should piss on her!" is one of the first things that goes through his mind. Thats nuts. If I saw an old lady drop dead I would be disturbed by it. Seeing a person drop dead is pretty gnarly. This guy must have frontal lobe damage or something. Hopefully someone makes him their jail house boyfriend.

    Well, at least this guy and R Kelly.
  5. what a cuntrag. He should be sentenced to death and be executed while being pissed on.

  6. death by drowning him in his own piss. and yeah why the FUCK did they feel the need to say he smoked herb? thats about as relavent as the brand of shoes he was wearing at the time. that part pissed me off so bad i had to stop reading for a min.
  7. what the fuck was he thinking, "oh look that old lady is dead let's go piss on her"
  8. guys, i dont think he thought she was dead, and im sure he was probably pretty drunk. alcohol makes you do stupid, stupid things. that is why i dont binge drink.
  9. it said they tried to wake her up by splashing a bucket of water on her

  10. lol, put him in a small plastic bubble, and give him nothing but bread and mass water until he drowns in his own piss...... that would actually be pretty brutal now that i think about it
  11. he'd need air too or he'd just suffocate that would be pretty cool but it would take forever i bet
  12. Someone needs a penitentiary style "Golden Shower".
  13. HE SMOKED A CANNABIS JOINT!!!!!!... and had been drinking.

    Why didn't they say he had consumed 15 shots of tequila and 7 beers and smoked a bit of weed? Thanks media.
  14. Dude, I can count on one hand the number of times I've peed on dead is not side effect of smoking and I can stop doing it anytime I want (I just run into so many corpses it's tough not to, y'know what I mean?)
  15. well, if it was me n i was drunk, n i saw a 50 yearold lady (50 isnt that old, not like walker old) n she probably looked like a crackhead, n she looked like she was passed out, i woulda fucked with ehr too, not peein on her or nothin, but i prolly woulda tried to wake her up, n then after she didnt wakeup i'd prolly draw a dick on her cheek aiming at her mouth or somethin... cuz u know, people passout drunk in public all the time, it coulda been at night that it happened
  16. Exactly. Fucking moronic stoners, is this all that some people can project when they use cannabis, pathetic?
  17. ya srsly dude like they sell alc and ur more likly to do something that stupid when u drunk..

  18. Yeah, sure, but when it comes to marijuana perception is all that matters. You could get caught robbing a bank and be on a litany of drugs but if one of those drugs is weed, that's what the general public will blame.
  19. Dead people too!!!
  20. I LOL'ed. :laughing:

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