Man throws molotov cocktail in wal-mart

Discussion in 'General' started by ARlexington, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. So a a man walks in and throws a molotov cocktail over an aisle in a super wal-mart and hit some 19 year old girl in the head. and cops think the man that did it is responsible for throwing another one at some mall.

    what i wanna know is how he just ever so casually walked in went deep into wal mart and no one said anything or tried to stop him. Damn there must have been a end of the world sale.
  2. i'm guessing the bottle didn't break?
  3. ya luckily the bottle didn't break. i guess the other one at the mall stirred up a bunch of shit though and people were going ape shit cuz it shattered and flew i heard though

  5. That girl is lucky, molotovs are brutal. However, the asshole who is doing this will be caught and violated when hes in the penn. Lets just hope he doesn't go around being a flamer anymore.
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    If he rolled in to wal mart with the bottle in his coat, who would have known what he was going to do? Just hit up an isle, light the rag and toss it.
  7. LOL, funny shit. At least he was original.
  8. Uh, no???
  9. This has to do with the gang influence.

    Gangs are starting to recruit people by doing initiations by killing innocent people in wal-marts and target.

    Saw it on the news today.

    But god damn that's the worst fail I've ever heard of.
  10. Er.. no, I thought gangs were suppose to kill other rival gang members for initiation? Its the fake young gangs who do this stupid crap.

  11. Well had you watched closer they said it was a hoax.

    This guy probably watched the news too and was like ooh ima to that shit *****
  12. maybe he though peggorino was in the other isle.

  13. Dude are you that insensitive to human life..? Or what's your deal?
  14. i dont think he intended to hit the girl in the head man. maybe hes just an anti corporation nut like me. fuck wal mart anyway, i could care less if they all burned down, along with k mart and target.
  15. I felt like throwing a dry ice bomb into a police station once, I walked in with a threat letter and a bandanna on though at like 4 o clock in the morning, and left the letter there. After my friend got arrested, I was pissed off.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. i lol'd. some dude throwin moltovs? FUCKING COMMUNISTS AT IT AGAIN!
    right when you think those sneaky bastards are down, the hit you with a malformed molotov at the grocery store. bastards.
    i lol'd again.
    black male in his 20's medium build?
    AHAHAHA fuck
    racism is a bitch.
  18. No it's just... who throws a molotov in walmart? I mean who the hell comes up with that idea? I found it funny. No one was seriously injured, no one died. Not a big deal.
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    LOL! It was Carl Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was rollin on some balla pussys
  20. Dude sounds like a badass.
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