Man, this sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by genieadventures, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. I have a final exam tomorrow and a bag of weed sitting in front of me at my desk. I would sooo love to spark up a big fatty right now, but I know that would be extremely stupid to do because I usually get the "slows" the morning after.

    I dont know why I posted this....I just dont feel like studying

  2. I heard if you study stoned, then take your test stoned, you remember everything better...
    Actually that's just a myth.

    Good luck on your exam, and be happy you have more weed to smoke tomorrow. You'll do better on your exam, and feel better about it too.
    good luck~~
  3. ugh finals...thoes are coming up for me soon too
  4. think of that weed like a's a celebration for afterwards
  5. Yah hold off on the toking. Itll be worth it. Otherwise we all know you wont be studying. =)

  6. Be a good boy and do what you know is best and that is cram as much info in to your little brain as possible.


  7. Think- do you want to piss on those exams or have an hour or two stoned? Your choice...

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