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Man...this is fucked up.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ice Toker, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. So my friend gave me this kids number, said he was gonna hook me up fat and shit and he got from this guy and it was legit and everything. So I get over to this spot where im meeting him and he asked "you got that money?" and I said i want to see the shit from and he said "Its over here in the car" and so we walked over to this little area between these condos and he pulled out this knife and got behind me, fuckin me robbed for $200, with a knife, right at my neck, in broad daylight. He also took the joint i had and the 2gs of purp in my pocket. Some fuckin ghetto bullshit. Also took my like $300 android phone, bullshit man. Never really had anything like this happen before, any advice?
  2. Shoot dis n1ggah!!!

    Nah but for real, if he's a lil bitch just beat his ass next time you see lmao.
    I'd be pissed as fuck though.

    Shit happens.
  3. Ask your friend why he gave you that fucker's number.
  4. Shit dude idk what to say. Talk to your friend who hooked you up with this guy's number. I guess you learn from your mistakes, I would never buy weight off of a new dealer.

  5. Dont be such a pussy next time, its a knife, I would fucked his shit up and jacked his shit right back for being a scumbag.
  6. Baseballbat-----> Friends Head.
  7. Revenge. You need a plan of action my friend, contact your "friend" who gave you his number.

    It's obvious something is messed up, how long have you known this "Friend"?

    Seems like to me you may have gotten played.
  8. Yeah right. You're gonna fuck up a dude who's about to cut your jugular with a knife. Are you retarded?
  9. This kid knows what hes talking about^^

    I've known this kid for awhile, doesn't seem like that kind of person at all, hung out with him for awhile. He's hooked me up with a ton of dealers gotten me some great bud, the worst thing is he took my phone that my moms bought me.
  10. personally bruh. i woulda twisted that dudes knife hand.

    it aint like he got the gun pointed at you.

    id fight for me shit.

    theres no way his takin all my stuff with no fight.
  11. #11 Royyston, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    And if all goes wrong he could of been dead...

  12. [​IMG]
  13. 99.99999999% of the little thugs that are gonna rob you for petty change like this (no offense, just comparing to large robberies) aren't gonna have the balls to kill your ass.

  14. im twistin the knife hand for a reason.

    once he lets that go im kickin it away or throwin it away.

    1 on 1 fist fight wont hurt.

    he beats me up then take my shit.. thats koo.. atleast i fought.

    but all im sayin is im fightin for all my shit.

    if things happen to go down the wrong way..

    then by all means im manning up nd ill take responsibility.

    its a cruel world.

    either you man up nd protect yourself..

    or you can lay down nd play dead.

    u choose.
  15. Thats true man, its hard to think about that shit when u in the situation tho, just happens so fast.
  16. Well Tbh my area they will stab you so its better to just hand your shit, I've avoided it for a whole thou.
  17. Damn not too long ago something like this happened in a town a few miles away, dealer tried to rob the guy with a knife and the dude fucking shot the dealer. But it was over some beans or meth.
  18. dam wtf thats fucked up man....

    id want to hurt dis kid after that 4 sure
  19. Get a license to carry a concealed weapon.

    Problem avoided.
  20. Ohhh they do these days dependin on where your at. I've seen a bunch of teenagers with their throats slashed for freakin video game machines.Make a wrong turn in Vegas sometime and find out.

    The first "buddy" just might be in on it, he's the first one that needs his ass beat but even the old schooler I am, believing in peace first and all, retribution is warranted here methinks.
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