Man, THC is not forced in your body, it is accepted by your Body!!

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  1. Seriously, the body welcomes it. Smoke too much, it gets tired of it. Take a break, then your body misses it and you get high longer again.

    Also, I was high, and I got horny as hell for no reason, so guess what I did, well you know what, and let me tell you, when I was about to cum, and when I did, that period of 8 seconds literally removed ALL OF MY HIGH, for 8 seconds, I felt completely sober and normal, as if I was not high, then when my mission was complete, lets imagine that your trying to get a girl pregnant, since this is why we naturally cum anyway, the body seems to just block the THC for a short time to get the job done and get the human race to continue.

    It was crazy, I lost all my high while cumming, I guess the body can block the THC it if it wants to.

    Also, if my theory is true, than that would mean that if you were about to get shot, and your adrenaline started pumping, then you would literally lose all of your high, you would be super sober, and you would only concentrate on surviving, since at that moment, the body realized that the THC is not needed, so it blocks the THC and lets you sober up to do what you need to do.

    What does this mean? It means that the body was literally designed to accept THC. It can identify what it is.

    Which means that MJ is good and not bad. Which also means that your hormones or whatever that is important to life, if needed, will be used to block the THC like a champ.

    So yeah, you don;t believe me, try masterbating, and tell me if you dont lose your high in that moment.
  2. Huhuhu... i bet you tomorrow your gonna wanna delete this...
  3. The human brain does have cannabinoid receptors biult into it, so yes, your reasoning is true. Other drugs sort of "force" thier way in, but Cannabis has the "key to the lock", so to speak. :)
  4. wait, has anyone experienced what i have?

    sometimes i can will myself out of high if i want to (for a while, cuz i luv being high)

    anyway, has anyone just sobered up for a few seconds while in a full blown high?
  5. Wait.

    So you're saying busting a nut is a buzzkill for you?

    In all seriousness, I follow what you're saying, but I think it's your mind just playing tricks on you :p
  6. the brain has cannabinoid receptors and THC is structurally designed to bind with these receptors.
    Along with THCV, CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBL. they are all designed to bind with these receptors. there are a few different kinds of receptors I think.
    Our bodies have a spot for Marijuana and literally everything in it

  7. must warn others!
  8. I tried masturbating like you said and I was felt was... guilt. :(
  9. how come no one feels what i feel

  10. It's all in your head.

  11. Haha thats damn funny,:hello:

  12. Hahaha cuz your high man.
  13. hahaha same thing happened to me the other night. Felt so disgusted with myself.
  14. It makes me weep with gratitude.

    I still feel pretty high, however... it's fuckin' glorious...

    *Jizzes* *looks at cum on hand* "You're a grown man... what'd you do that for?"
  15. my girlfriend tells me that "having sex puts my high on hold...when were done im still high." its true. after a pretty good session she said something about alien monsters taking our water for their smoothies back home. good times :)
  16. Idk about you guys but sex or masturbation while high just makes sex or masturbation a lot better than when not high...
  17. same here

    a line from the funniest porno of all time,

    Aunt: STOP that Jimmy

    Jimmy: But it Feels sooo GOOOOOD Aunt Diane
  18. I'm just gonna preserve this.

  19. Yeah I was looking forward to an article or new science study but instead it's some dude talking about jerking off high. :(

  20. lol ...Can... can i draw this moment?!

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