Man Spends $165,000 On ‘Fake Tom Petty’ For Wedding

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. lmao my computer locked up for like 5 minutes when i clicked the link. i was so pissed i thought you trolled but then it unlocked lol
  2. ^well... now I'm cautious to click the link because I'm worried about my computer locking up lol.
  3. My shitty laptop didnt have a problem opening it so I wouldnt worry.
  4. My iPhone locked up but then unlocked and now I can use any carrier
  5. Boo happy ending boo
  6. Damn that sucks lol. Glad he booked the real tom petty after all though.

    Reading this made me remember my ex telling me how all my favorite bands like slipknot and metallica were gonnna be at our wedding. Im just realizing she was being sarcastic as FUCK lol.

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