Man, something terrible happened yesterday

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  1. But if anything, I got VERY lucky.

    So I'm 19 and I FINALLY got my license yesterday. I've been driving with a permit by myself since I was 16 and have never been close to an accident or getting pulled over. I've probably done over 100 hours of driving with a permit, very risky, I know. I could have gotten my license a long time ago but I just chose to be lazy about it like a dumbass.

    So after I got it I drove to my buddies house and chilled and was just happy I could finally drive without being paranoid of getting pulled over.

    Later that day I went to Walgreens and this is when everything went south. Pulling out of my parking space, I was backing out and did the unthinkable. I hit a fucking car!!! I was in disbelief when it happened.....

    Luckily, my friend was at the parking lot with me so he walked over and he had the idea of putting all my weed related things in his car in case a cop tries to search a car. For some reason, I wasn't that down with the idea because I was in a delusion that I could somehow get away (I know, I was an idiot). Once I got back to reality I put all my shit in his car to get ready for the worst case scenario.

    The weed was not the only problem tho, I also was not insured. I called up my dad and he gave me his policy number and put me into his insurance plan in the process. The cop came and I handed him my paper license, he ran that through and asked for my insurance card and I gave him the number. He went back to his car and got everything under control. I was paranoid at this point because I knew if I didn't have insurance I would have probably had to pay a huge fine and maybe even landed in jail.

    In the end, the car I was driving got a few scratches (not worth repairing) but the car I hit got their headlight busted in a bit. My insurance will go up a bit but luckily it was only $200 every 6 months so it can't be that terrible.

    To all of you that drive by yourself with a permit, please just take this thread with a grain of salt. Get your goddamn license right now instead of just being a lazy dumbass like me.

    Oh ya, I was not high or drunk at all. Just tired :eek:
  2. Damn bro, that was some quick thinking on your part. Definitely don't drive without a license. And don't drive without insurance either. For most people with a good record it's pretty cheap. I pay about $40 a month for liability (my broke down piece of shit isn't worth anything but liability lol). Paying it may be a bummer, but getting into an accident without insurance is a complete ass fuck.
  3. I'm sorry, but what insurance company do you have that you're only paying $33/mo. How is that even possible?
  4. My dad got a hookup from his company (AT&T).
  5. [quote name='"fluffykush"']I'm sorry, but what insurance company do you have that you're only paying $33/mo. How is that even possible?[/quote]

    Yeah, who the fuck is paying that low?
  6. Guys....liability only is cheap. That's only 7 dollars less than what I pay. And I live in California.

  7. What was quick thinking on his part? :laughing:
  8. Calling my dad and getting him to give me the insurance number and getting me insured.

    More like quick thinking by my

  9. Yeah exactly....I was just giving him a hard time :p

    Glad to hear your OK :smoke:
  10. Thanks man. Worst case scenario, I could have backed into a person, injured that person BADLY, got in trouble for not being insured, gotten the car tolled then getting the car searched (which happened to have bud in it).

    Hell, if I got into this accident any other time except for yesterday I would have been IMMEDIATELY thrown in jail for being over 18 and not having a license.

    I'm really counting my blessings right now. Knowing the dumb decisions I've made in my life I do not deserve this kind of luck.
  11. Where I live, you can't have insurence if you don't have a license. When you are in the permit stage, you are driving under the adult's insurence. Could b different in your state I guess. Glad it worked out, accidents suck
  12. Well, I drove by myself when I had my permit often. That's why I was talking about how lucky I was to have my license when I got in my accident.
  13. If you dont have insurance or a license here all they do is ticket you but if you can produce a license or insurance in the next couple of days the fines get dropped.
    Quick thinking though dude.
  14. all i can say is good save.

  15. Fuck op you just cursed me no doubt.
  16. Take this topic as a subtle message that is telling you to get a license (if you do indeed drive by yourself with a permit).

    I always thought to myself when I was driving with a permit "what are the chances I get pulled over? What are the chances I get into an accident?". Thank the fucking lord that didn't happen while I had my permit tho.
  17. Calling his dad and having him insure the car before the cop got there.....

  18. More like his dad did the quick thinking....:p
  19. $200 every six months?! I pay $280 every month! FML
  20. Wow first 4 years of driving without ever getting pulled over? you deserve a medal

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