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Man, smoking weed now is... depressing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jiafu, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking for a while now (5+ years) . I take regular tolerance breaks monthly. The days I do smoke, it takes me a lot to get high. I can definitely go through a quarter, a little bit more in a day.
    Lately, even after my tolerance breaks, it's been depressing when I get high. I do have a diagnosis of clinical depression for the past 6 years (it's probably been my whole life where I feel depressed though). On two antidepressants. I used to enjoy smoking too. It's like when I'm depressed, I smoke. When I am high, it still feels depressing.
    I want to fix this.. :\\

  2. I know this is the most cliche answer you can get but stop smoking for the longest you can..
    you vape or bong or joints?
    vaping my help give as clearer high..
  3. I use all methods. I prefer smoking, but I do have a bong, papers, bowls, edibles, dabs, etc.
    I'm going to take a tolerance break again. It's just that I look forward to smoking when I'm depressed.
  4. i know it'll be have any hobbies that make you happy?
  5. What do you do when your high? Maybe it's that...
    You and a majority of us in the world.
    are you spiritual?
    I can suggest some simple things...because the more simply the better, the more perverted and complex =the more stress and depressed.
    Healthy diet (organic)
  7. Smoking depresses me after awhile. Vaping doesn't have that effect on me. I guess because it's significantly less dirty and leaves less residual smell.
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    It could be your meds, you say you're on two kinds but still feeling depressed? You might need to get your meds adjusted properly. Also, I don't know what meds you're on, but when I'm on my meds and I smoke weed, it's a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different high. So it could be that too, but I don't recommend quitting the meds you're on without consulting your doctor first.
  9. This is what I would recommend too. It definitely sounds like you need to take a long break from smoking. I've had depression just like you, and it's hard to really find hobbies I enjoy but not smoking so much definitely gives you the time and extra money to figure it out if you haven't already. It's definitely worth it. I would say you should take probably a 2 month break and see what happens. It can take a while for it to process out of your system.
  10. If I can just throw my 2 cents here, I'd like to say that smoking certain strains of weed will worsen your situation. Indica for example is very depressive compared to sativa, I can relate to you as I have been quite depressed for the past 2 years but I took long breaks and avoided Indica as much as I could (that herb is made for happy people, others with issues should not handle it). Yesterday I smoked with some friends and thankfully it was sativa dominant, I hadn't felt a high this good in a while, I was very happy and feeling energetic.
    It's all good man, just keep doing what you love, work out too and if you smoke weed smoke the right kind ;)
  11. I had serious depression that lifted when I took a couple of years off weed. IT didn't come back when I started getting high again.
    Good luck, depression sucks.
  12. It's just so demotivating at this point of my life. I also keep dealing with heartbreak issues on top of it, which doesn't make it better.
    My hobbies... I really don't know. I just try to keep myself busy. Everything I get into I just get distracted...
  13. IDK man that's weird. I have been smoking for about just as long (more so on a year off a few months, on a few years off a month, etc) and I still get blazed as fuck. I actually just smoked a tiny bowl from my 1.5 foot bong and I'm soaring :p :p But I also had a few shots before I smoked... 
    But still, if it takes you a quarter to get high you must be doing something wrong lol.
  14. Best to lay off the weed and get to the root of the depression. If things aren't right in your life, the weed won't help, and may make it worse.
  15. Sounds like you need a big change in your life. Perhaps a new direction would make you feel more excited about life?
    Are you smoking shwag? I can make a half quarter of dank last a month and i toke everyday. If you dont see much trichomes on your bud then its problably dirt weed thats been around for a while. Also, i wouldn't recommend taking anti depressants because the withdrawl from them can make you feel more depressed than you actually are. .(talking from experience) I just smoke weed and i feel alot better than when i was on anti depressants and weed.
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    Weed IS a depressent after all. Try cutting back and youll feel betterHerb does help psychologically but too much can start depressing you over time for SOME people. Give it a shot if you really want to help yourselfSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. Take a break and wait until your happy again to blaze
  19. I bet its the pills
    im not talking about the people who do Xanax recreationally and then die from respiratory depression
    that shit will just leave you in a synthetic mental blank zone even months after getting off the pill. it doesn't cure depression, it blocks mental activity altogether, you won't even get happy as often
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    i also have depression. and getting high can stir up emotions in a positive or negative way so you gotta make sure the setting is right. im sure if you watch a funny adult swim show when your baked you'l have a better time than turning into a temporary philosopher in your mind haha. as for going through a quarter in a day, holy shit that would make me really depressed! gotta be careful with those antidepressants though they can screw you up

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