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  1. Back before I was more open-minded, in high school, they had "goths"... Some of the guys wore skirts (not dresses and yes there's a difference). I'm talking full length to the ankle, flared, black with whatever self style add-ons. I paid it no mind and thought it was retarded. Keep this in mind, I'm married and 7 kids (6 living), wife still laughs when she catches me checking out girls, etc. We went out to dinner and then John Carter 3D at IMAX (not a bad movie actually IMO). All white AMG Benz, sick rims and exhaust, clean sounding system, masculine GQ looking guy driving and woman my wife describes as gorgeous. I'm checking the car out as he gets out.

    Full length black, denim I think, skirt just below the knees and black boots. Good looking guy and the skirt showed off calves that I wish I had! I'm... I was.. Jealous! It actually looked good! He passed by inside in the lobby and said "nice cologne" with a smile... Actually it was Chrome mixed with some delish slate smoke ;) I said thanks with the same knowing smile.

    I watch them walk away, she obviously works out too but cant help notice the guy moves with some elegant swagger! Incidently my wife caught me looking and assumed I was checking her out lol. I tried to explain but she wouldnt buy it... Anyway, so I Google it this morning and notice a very similar outfit on Marc Jacobs!


    Then I remember "Dress" from Weed Wars...


    I asked my wife what if I wore a masculine-styled dress like the Jacob one, she said that they're comfortable and if worn right could work. Then she reminded me our friend Clay does the whole Braveheart costume for work and usually gets tons of compliments.
    Now I'm curious if it really is that comfortable because it sure seems like it!
    So what do you fellow blades think? Would you? Do you?
  2. As a Scot I rock the kilt on occasion. Not one for summer wear tho. Not sure about these stylised fashion ones
  3. Had a Scottish-American friend who trained and competed in the Scottish games here in my state. So seeing him wearing a kilt every once in a while was totally common place.

    Then he got into, "Utilikilts." Those kilts with cargo pockets and tool loops etc. He started wearing the damn things every where. It was starting top get weird as he was wearing skirts more often then pants at this point.

    Eventually my friend admitted he was homosexual, and now lives an open gay life.

    True story.

  4. haha did not see that one coming. :eek:
  5. For fashion? Fuck no

    Survival? Keeps the balls fresh.
  6. Just gotta say, Chrome is the shit dude. Always have some with me lol

  7. Oh good god.
  8. If you find it comfortable, then fuck what anyone else thinks. :p

  9. I love how you can portray such powerful messages with so few words. An art form.

  10. I agree. If you can handle me thinking that you look like a complete imbecile, then more power to you. And I mean that.
  11. Back in the early 90's, in a town of 2,000 or so people with no other towns for miles and miles around, I remember a male employee of the town's local gas station and auto-part store wearing a long black skirt, and thinking it was pretty nifty.. if only fashion had developed a little differently!

    Skirts are all I wear now, hiking, climbing, gardening, cooking, whatever I'm doing, I just feel that I can do it better and even 'think' better in a skirt. :p

    It strikes me as funny now and then when I think back on all the sports I played (or was allowed to play), and when I remember how I was such a tomboy for so long. :)
  12. I'm the opposite, I suppose. I hate wearing skirts and dresses. I just feel so weird in them. Pants are more comfortable to me.

    But many years ago, I would have been seen as the weird one for being a female wearing pants. So if someone thinks you're weird for being a guy in a skirt? Fuck 'em!

    Just, you know... wear boxers or make sure to keep your legs closed unless you want to show everyone the many wonders of your scrotum. :smoking:
  13. I, myself, have taken it upon myself to start the short skirts movement for men.

    Think about it... No more taking off pants to make poopy time. You just lift your skirt up a bit.

  14. Clan Fergusson, Yup.
  15. When I was a little younger I was a bit more eccentric than I am now and had a terrible time shopping for clothes that I liked, felt comfortable in, and (thought) looked good! (Uh oh, girls talking about shopping :) )

    Twenty years ago, I never would have thought in a thousand years that I'd feel relaxed and comfy in a skirt, then one day, I found and started wearing a pretty cool, heavy, gothic-ish one myself, it was practically like wearing jeans or work pants... I guess it was the 'gateway skirt' to many others. :p :D
  16. Putting on a kilt makes me look Scottish. Mutant Scottish, but Scottish. :p

  17. Not gonna lie, it's always weird hearing you talk like a normal person instead of a cannabis god. But your writing style and sweet nature always comes through your messages, regardless of what you are talking about). :smoke:

  18. That's because BKS is one of the coolest ladies here! :cool:

  19. Concur :) and to make up for tangenting the discussion:

    I have worn a skirt on a few occsions :eek: Halloween on two seperate years (girl costume in high school, girfriends' idea (on both occasions). Just some cheapo skirts from Salvation Army with bad makeup.

    I dunno. Was way too cold on both occasions. At least it helped me later on that night :cool:;);)

    So, my experience with wearing skirts = positive?

    I iz gayy??!?!?!! Oh wait I am not a close minded :)

  20. Oops. You pooped in your tights. Sorry man:(

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